Willem Dafoe has a wild Joker sequel idea that includes two Jesters of Genocide

Willem Dafoe, Joker, Todd Phillips, successor

Fancasting happens every day, but every now and then an inspired idea starts making headlines. I submit to your approval the possibility of Willem Dafoe playing a version of the legendary Jester of Genocide, Joker. Recently, while attending an in-depth interview with GQ, Dafoe shared that he’s heard fans begging him to dress up as the Clown Prince of Crime, and he has an idea of ​​how Joker the sequel can all go down.

Before we move on, understand that all of this is hypothetical. Dafoe made it clear GQ that he is “do not talk to anyone [about it]” and that all ideas he may have are nothing but imagination at this stage of the game. That said, Dafoe believes he has the perfect idea for a sequel to Todd Phillips’ Joker, where Joaquin Phoenix played The Ace of Knaves.

“There’s something interesting about, as if there was a Joker cheater. So it would be possible not to have dueling jokers, but someone who says it’s the joker who is not the joker. And that kind of opens up the possibility of a “Interesting story, especially if you had Joaquin Phoenix ‘Joker, and then you had someone who either imitated or riffed what he was doing. I fantasized about that,” told Dafoe GQ.

Holy Bat-sh * t! Can you imagine a Joker movie starring both Phoenix and Dafoe as different versions of the iconic killer clown? Gotham City would probably be reduced to nothing more than rubble within a week. Which of the two jokers would win if there was a push and there was only room for one? Would a Joker move into Bludhaven territory? Would both jokers team up and start a franchise? I have so many questions.

It’s been a while since Todd Phillips’ Joker took the box office by storm with more than $ 1 billion earned at the worldwide box office. That said, this has not deterred fans from urging Phillips and friends to make a sequel. Phoenix itself has denied that such plans exist, but when a movie makes so much money, you can bet someone will do their best to make it happen.

What do you think of the idea of ​​Dafoe’s idea for one Joker successor? Will a copy history work? I could see Dafoe arrive on stage as a die-hard fan of Phoenix’s Joker and possibly challenge him for the role of top dog in Gotham City. Foreign successors have been made. Let’s hope that the forces are listening and that they have Dafoe’s speed dial number.

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