Britney Spears responds to Jamie Lynn’s latest interview in a now deleted IG post: ohnotheydidnt – LiveJournal

Britney Spears took to Instagram in a now deleted post that responded to her sister’s latest allegations from her Call me Dad interview promoting her new memoir.

I flew home to Jamie Lynn on the couch and watched her TV shows right after Justin and I broke up … I was a ghost there !!!!! I had been working all my life and I did not know how to be served by Mom … Sit there and be served chocolate milkshakes with the perfectly crushed ice cream with the secret chunky sugar while Jamie Lynn is 12, she spoils with TV ‘ one for hours then goes to lay out on a raft by the pool … I’m in shock because it’s never been my life !!!! Justin’s family was everything I knew for years … Things were different now and Jamie Lynn had a new Nickelodeon show … All I can remember saying was “FUCK !!! How the hell lands a 12-year-old a Nickelodeon show? ??? ” HMMMMMMMM … Well, I never got my ice cream chocolate drink !!! I mean yes … I’m not an adult ??? But then I might need some support … It was a People Magazine cover … The people show up and as Jamie Lynn says I was scared !!!! Fuck yes !!! My mom was on pain medication and could barely have a conversation in the house because she and my dad went their separate ways and she was more messy than anything else !!!! I remember she was sitting on the floor in a conversation and she never got up .. and I’m sorry Jamie Lynn, I was not strong enough to do what should have been done … hit you and mom right over your fucking faces !!!!!

In life, many people say “DO I WAY ????” … Try to eat alone for 4 months morning ☀️… dinner 🕛… and evening 🌙 Jamie Lynn. I asked myself every day: “IS ANY GIG ??? WTF ??? DO I MAKE MEANING ???” I would honestly be very interested in seeing your beautiful face in the surroundings I was forced to be in and ask yourself “DO I MEAN ???” I did not manage to cry 😢… I should be strong… FOR STRONG 💪🏼 !!! So yes… YOU ARE MEANING and never think for a damn second that you do not. Pssss this is my new… Baby One More Time outfit 😂💁🏼‍♀️ !!!!

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