Antonio Brown left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dramatically just a few weekends ago when he got up in the middle of the fight, took off his clothes and walked off the field. Since then, he has been released from the Buccaneers, and today he is supposed to have surgery on his ankle, which gave him so many problems throughout the season.

Off the field, Brown seeks to take big steps in the entertainment industry. To begin with, he’s taking his music career much more seriously right now, especially after the release of his song “Pit Not The Palace.” In addition to this, Brown hopes to collaborate with Kanye West on a song, especially after spending some time with the star recently.

Antonio Brown

Elsa / Getty Images

Now Brown’s rap career is getting a co-sign from people like Fat Joe who talked about AB on the “I Am Athlete Podcast”. As Fat Joe explains, Brown is working right now and his music is being recognized in unlikely places. The legendary rapper remarked that he was recently at a doctor’s visit where his doctor started blowing up “Pit Not The Palace”. In Joe’s mind, this could be a precursor to the upcoming stuff for the superstar-wide receiver.

“But I want to tell you some crazy things,” Fat Joe said. “I went to a doctor’s visit this morning, he played AB’s new song, it’s crazy. Not that shitty man, my doctor, Gene Nathan, a Jewish doctor, said, ‘Yes, you heard the new AB,’ and he started playing the song. Yo han [AB] may be right. “

While it may take a while for AB to get his music recognized at the mainstream level, it seems that he is putting the effort into making it happen. If he gets the Kanye feature, there is no telling what he will be able to accomplish.