Halo Infinite’s Cyberpunk visor is insanely off-centered

A Spartan wears the off-center neon screen visor in the Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industrier / Kotaku

That general political headwind Europe is not the only one that is worryingly swinging to the right of center. Halo infinite recently received a new visor, ie cheese a little crooked. Fans are divided here. Many believe it is a crime against the cosmetics gods, while others consider such complaints as yet another item on a long laundry list of similar minor quarrels about the game.

Yesterday, as part of Halo infiniteis temporary “Cyber ​​settlement”Event, which runs until the end of the month, added 343 industries developing a range of cosmetic options to its multiplayer shooter. Some are for sale in Infinite‘s shop with real money, while others unlock using a challenge-based match pass. Once you hit level five on the pass, you unlock the “neon screen” armor effect: a blue-scale, cyberpunk-inspired visor superimposed over your standard visor. It’s cool AF. But if you look really, really close, you’ll see that it’s, like, seven pixels off-center scene-right (left from our point of view; right if you saw the world from the helmet).

A Spartan is in the middle of a Halo Infinite Cyber ​​Showdown battle.

You can see it a bit here.
Screenshot: 343 Industrier / Kotaku

Computer, improve!

A Spartan wears the off-center neon screen visor in the Halo Infinite.

Blurred, yes, but you can definitely look at this.
Screenshot: 343 Industrier / Kotaku

It is unclear whether the visor’s off-center orientation is intentional or a design problem, one that developer 343 Industries has a solution on the way to. Representatives of Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A popular thread about Halo Waypoint forums come from one Halo infinite player who likes the visor but wishes it was centered and writes “Please fix this. Thank you!” Several others responded in kind, noting how it gives them “OCD.” (According to the IOCDF, having obsessive thoughts and obsessive behaviors is does not necessarily signs of diagnosable obsessive-compulsive disorder.) Another went so far as to call the visor “stupid.”

Reddit was not so polite. Overnight, a post that points out the displacement of the neon screen rocket to the top of glory‘s primary subreddit, where it currently has more than 11,000 votes and nearly 800 comments, without a curse. Even the dedicated ones Halo infinite subreddit, typically more positively sloping than vanilla (which boasts more than a million regular users and was shut down due to overwhelming toxicity during Halo infiniteearly days), had something to say.

But perhaps the most interesting reaction is the courtesy of r / shithalosays subreddit – a splinter community of Halo infinite players posting hot-button footage they see in the community, to raise awareness of what many perceive as an overly reactionary player base.

Since Halo infinite‘s release in November, players have expressed high concerns about the game’s condition. They have said the match fit is too slow. (343 industries accelerated the course of progression.) They have said cosmetics are too overpriced. (343 industries lowered the price of cosmetics.) They have said that weapons are poorly balanced and that there are not enough cards to use them on and that there are not enough modes to play on these cards. (343 industries added three permanent playlists last month and a temporary one this week.) R / shithalosays, which currently has only 2,000 members, often present these complaints unchanged, sometimes paired with either direct mockery or observations about how e.g. Halo infinite has been out for less than three months and is still in relative infancy. Now the tumult over the neon screen visor has attracted the attention of the forum.

“God will they ever stop?” a user wrote togetheridea a post with screenshots of the originally viral Reddit post about the neon screen visor.

“Bridge,” a player replied, which captures common feelings with Shakespeare eloquence. “I want to misalign their face.”


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