How I Met Your Father pays tribute to Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Bob Saget
Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty Images)

Hulu’s How I met your mother spin off How I met your father pays homage to what the original shows tell, Bob Saget.

The first two episodes premiered on Tuesday, January 18, and viewers may have noticed that the first episode ended with a title card that says, “I LOVING MEMORY OF Bob Saget.” The actor told How I met your mother as an older Ted Mosby in the series’ nine seasons.

How I met your father executive producers Craig Thomas, Carter Bays and Pam Fryman gave an opinion to Variety on the decision to honor the Case, who died on January 9th. “The knowledge, the wisdom and above all the kindness that fans heard in Bob Saget’s voice (like Ted Mosby in the year 2030) was no action,” they wrote. “That’s who Bob really was. And that’s how we’re all in How I met your mother the family will always remember him. RIP to a truly legendary human being. You will be so missed, Bob, because you were so loved. ”

Josh Radnor, who starred in How I met your mother as Ted Mosby, also honored the actor with one touching Twitter thread, and wrote: “Bob Saget was the older wiser ‘me’ for nine years after How I met your mother. He was the sweetest, nicest, funniest, most supportive man. The easiest person to be near. A man among menches. ”

He added: “I had so much cheat syndrome when HIMYM started, thought I would be found out, kicked off and sent home. When I came across Bob on the Fox in the early days, he rolled over my performance and told me how he studied me to make sure his vocal performance felt right. This man that I had enjoyed watching TV for years and he cheered on me told me that I had the right to be there and play that character … I can not exaggerate how meaningful his words were . (He also told me, faithfully, jokes that I can not tell here or in polite company.) ”

The case died in Orlando, Florida while on trip. His the cause of death is still unknown, however in a statement issued to CNN, said Chief Physician Joshua Stephany, by this gang, “Ththere is no evidence of drug use or unfair play. “


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