Kandi Burruss could not be prouder of her son, Ace Wells Tucker

Kandi Burruss is the proudest mom out there. She shared a video on her social media account where her son imitated MLK. See the clip below.

‘Thank you #DrMartinLutherKingJr for the sacrifices you have made to bring about change.
My son @acetucker was #DrMartinLutherKingJr in his Black History play last year. So I decided to post it again on #MLKDay. He spoke part of his speech in Mandarin, ‘Kandi wrote in her post.

Someone said, ‘Beautiful, next year you might consider sharing this message and celebrating his actual birthday on January 15, 2022.’

Another follower wrote this: ‘I see this day as a happy day and a sad one, why do you say well a happy day because this day is where all blacks and other groups are together for a little bit but sad because we still have not progressed much further than we have or further than Dr. King’s tale. ‘

Another said, ‘God bless Ace. When he got older and sees this, he wants to be like mom, why did you take that picture? I already know he did a good job. Thank you kandi for sharing the Ace picture on this amazing day. ‘

A follower wrote this: ‘Salvation is after my family, their family and your family. A birthday comment should evoke mythical beliefs. Tyler after them. I sense this in the spirit. God said you must love people. To like depends on the person and your choice. I love and like them as servants of the gospel and the marriage service in the kingdom of God. It is easy for people to think the worst about you without knowing your heart about Jesus. God said in scripture, know those you work among. Although I have not worked among them physically. My writings of holy scriptures should speak for themselves. I am an advocate of Christ against sin. Kandi, he’s such a pleasure to hear his role on Martin Luther King. I’ve never met King. And I have kept in my heart a love for his work, courage, and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. ‘

Lots of people flooded Kandi’s comment section with love for her son and MLK too.


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