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BOSTON (CBS) – You have to admit that this winter has been pretty easy so far. We’ve really only had one significant snowstorm, back on January 7th, and most of that snow essentially evaporated in less than a week. We’ve had some very cold days, but the hardest cold has been fleeting, in and out of here in a day or two.

We’ve also had a bit of luck (good or bad depending on your perspective) with more storms missing to our south and Monday’s storm heading west.

Is our luck changing?

Although there are several chances for snow over the next few days, at the moment I am not so optimistic with any of them.

After a mild day on Wednesday, a cold front will penetrate here late Wednesday night and there will probably be some light snow on the back of this border. During Thursday morning, areas south of Gedden could see a slight accumulation, between a pavement to an inch or two. Maybe just enough to bleach some roads and slow things down a bit.


Friday is a very cold day with a stiff wind from the sea. The cold air flowing over the relatively mid-Atlantic Ocean could produce some light ocean-effect snowfall over parts of the southeastern MA on Friday. Expect not much more than scattered pavements here and there, mostly across Plymouth County.

The week’s biggest snow threat comes late on Friday and into Saturday. A low-pressure wave will form at the end of Thursday’s cold front far down in the Gulf of Mexico. It will ride up over the southeastern United States and emerge from Carolina’s late Friday.


While some models try to deepen this system and pull it north toward New England, the vast majority show a relatively weak and flat wave gliding well south from here early Saturday. We can not yet rule out a longer northern track and more snow scenario for New England, but the odds certainly prefer either a fringe (lighter snow) or a complete miss to the south.


With the storm trail likely further south than what is optimal for a good New England snowstorm, the best chance of seeing accumulating snow on Saturday would be over the southeast MA. As of this writing, I will be giving about 50-50 chances of plowable (3 ”or more) snow down over Plymouth, Bristol and Barnstable counties on Saturday morning. Odds fall north and west of Boston.


Whatever happens on Saturday, next week looks very cold, perhaps the coldest week of the entire season. If you rummage for snow, I can only say that there is plenty of time left on the clock. Hold tight.


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