Playing Fifth Wheel for Ye and Julia and Pete and Kim gets complicated

At the beginning (of this year) there were two exciting and related romances that unfolded at slightly different stages before our eyes: First, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. And then Kardashian’s ex Kanye “Ye” West and woman-about-downtown Julia Fox. As in most early romances, everything seemed fresh and new and fun and easy for everyone involved. Davidson finally took Kardashian out to places not on mainland Staten Island, and Ye filled a room full of clothes for Fox and had dinner with her at two Carbone locations in 72 hours. West even ribbed Davidson in a new song, “Eazy.” (“God saved me from that crash, just so I can hit Pete Davidson’s ass,” it sounds, though he cuts off the threat by rapping that his kids should do duties just before.) Davidson seems at least untouched. He joked that he might be the only one in this world who had fun during Saturday Night Livehas cold open this Saturday.

But never forget: Ind celebrity relationship, there is always a third – the viewer – and if a few thousand years of narrative fiction has taught us anything about human nature, then it is that love triangles are complicated. While these relationships are still only months old – or in the case of Fox and West, weeks old – the third wheel is getting sour. The viewer, despite being invited into this mutual relationship by West and Fox via shared photos and interviews, has begun to wonder if she should be here at all.

On Saturday, West began discussing a blatant parental dispute with Kardashian in public with appeals directly to the camera for “support” at his four-year-old’s birthday party over the weekend. Hollywood Unlocked aired West’s complaints, claiming he “did not know” the address of his daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party (anonymous sources speaking on behalf of Kardashian said there should be two parties, one at Kim’s and one at Ye later and that she does not prevent her children’s father from seeing them).

There were also previous anonymous sources claiming that Kardashian was upset when Ye bought a house next to her home in Hidden Hills and that she changed her New Year’s holiday plans at the last minute to prevent Ye from showing up. , where she was (representatives of West and Kardashian did not return to Side Six). There are words for this kind of behavior, but they are hard to drag from this view. One is reminded of Kardashian’s message to the public in 2020, before announcing their separation, in which she asked for public empathy regarding West’s mental problems after he tweeted about her and her mother Kris Jenner, calls her “Kris Jong-Un.”

Since all of this is hard to look at directly, the focus is best on the still fun part. And the funniest thing for a spectator here is Julia Fox of it all. Julia Fox, she off Uncut gemstones and parties in the center. Julia Fox, the one who just got the cardboard this weekend outside Lucien for a different kids’ birthday party, her son Valentinothe first, with his father, Peter Artemiev. Julia Fox, who is not uncomplicated, but breathes fresh air into tales of celebrity date night.

Fox continues to share its Ye dates with Interview in a way that makes it seem like she’s fine with the sudden attention so we can feel good about the attention we give her. “I do not know where things are going, but if this is any indication of the future, I love the trip,” she said.

In another piece, an interview instead of a first-person blog of their weekend together, she told the publication to make it a segment and call it “This Week in Fox News.” She has happily described that she packs all her clothes together for the benefit of what Ye gave, happily playing the role of muse, and happy to share so much of her time with one of the most famous men in the world, has created a high-wire performance that is exciting to watch. And for that purpose, as with everything else tabloid in nature, it’s fun to follow the story lines until it’s not.

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