Robert Pattinson New movie from Paradise director Bong Joon Ho

Bong Joon-ho on the set of Mother;  Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis.

Bong Joon Ho and Robert Pattinson are merging.
Picture: CJE / E One

Following an instructor wins an Oscar, the world is their oysters. More than perhaps any other time in their careers, they have chance to pretty much work on anything or with anyone. And in case of Parasite director Bong Joon H.That, he has decided to work with the star in Batman.

Deadline reports that the Oscar-winning filmmaker – if other credits include Snow piers, The host, and Reminiscent of murderIsi conversations about writing and direct an untitled film based on an upcoming sci-fi novel called Mickey 7 by Edward Ashton, and he’s likely to get Robert Pattinson to star.

The premise of Mickey 7 is incredibly cool. Mickey is a clone used for dangerous work. If one dies, that’s fine. They’re just making another Mickey. So on a particularly dangerous space mission, Mickey7 is thought to be dead, but he is not, and when he returns, he sees that there is a new Mickey — whit then presents some problems. You can read more details over on Amazon where you can also pre-order the book, which will be published in February. Deadline notes, however, that “While the film will be inspired by the novel, sources say, given Bong’s past experiences with adaptations, his iteration of the story may ultimately be different from the novel’s.”

While Pattinson is most often thought of as a movie star-which only continues with March’s release of Matt Reeves’ Batman-Iit’s easy to forget it between projects such as That Batman, Tenet, and all Twilight, he is often the work with excellent directors on small films. Good time with the Safdie brothers, Wild life with Claire Denis, Cosmopolis with David Cronenberg, the list goes on and on. You understand that Pattinson far prefers heady, interesting material over big movies. So he wanted to work with Bong, and the Bong would be interested in working with Pattinson, seems like a match made in heaven. With a whole bunch of clones.

No work on when the nameless customization of Mickey 7 can go into production, but with Batman pressure is starting to ramp up, we will probably hear sooner rather than later.

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