The Bull to the Aries: 4 zodiac signs that are fearful

We all had one friend at school who insisted that we take the initiative when it comes to talking to teachers. And the colleague who always pushes us to cover them up at office meetings. They are timid and have low self-esteem in some situations.

While we may always wonder what makes them such a scary cat, the answer may lie in their stars.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that are fearful, according to astrology.


A Bull is one of the biggest scaredy cats. They lack the courage to speak their minds, even if it is for the righteous, and they are easily frightened. They are afraid to even in the most common situations and do not have the courage to face an unpleasant situation that they may not like to stand in.

Taurus zodiac sign


Virgos are fearful when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. They live in doubt about themselves and can even easily become scared and intimidated. They tend to easily lose heart and it is difficult for them to get it back.

Virgo zodiac sign

The weight

Weights get easily intimidated in scary situations. Horror stories are something that gives them goosebumps, and visiting haunted places is not their cup of tea. They have zero courage when it comes to dealing with creepy things and holding creepy conversations.

The zodiac sign of Libra


An Aries is extremely timid. They are afraid of the smallest things and always need someone by their side to face unpleasant or scary situations. While they may at times pretend to be the bravest of all, it is nothing but their way of fighting fear. From within, they are extremely sensitive to haunted things and even situations that do not favor them.

Disclaimer: Although these features are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiac sign qualities; All of the above features are not necessarily applicable to you.

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