White Lotus Season 2 Starring Haley Lu Richardson, F. Murray Abraham and more

Last year came the HBO comedy drama The white lotus, about guests and staff at a tropical resort, quickly became a hit with both audiences and critics. So it was no surprise when HBO renewed the show for another season. Now four new cast members have been added for the upcoming season, reports Variety, F. Murray Abraham (Mythical Quest), Tom Hollander (The Pirates of the Caribbean), Adam DiMarco (The order), and Haley Lu Richardson (The Edge of Seventeen).

In the coming season, Abraham will play an elderly man traveling with his son and his newly graduated grandson, the latter of whom will play DiMarco. Hollander is said to be playing an English ex-pat on holiday with his friends and nephew. Richardson is to play a young woman traveling with her boss. All four actors are said to be seasonal.


The four new actors must be included Jennifer Coolidge, who will repeat his fan-favorite role from the first season, Michael Imperioli, who will play the son of Abraham, and Aubrey Plaza, who is to play a character who is on vacation with her husband and his friends.

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The white lotus is created by, written by and directed by Mike White (Rock School.) The first season of The white lotus was a social satire that took place at a Hawaii resort and followed the lives of both hotel guests and staff over the course of a week. With a lot of humor and satire from the extremely wealthy guests who do not recognize how their disgusting and selfish behavior affects the staff at the resort. With themes of class difference and privileges at the center of the show. It was a look at the elite with their obsession with money and status and the toxicity of resort culture, as well as the issues people prioritize when they do not have to worry about money.

The show’s first season featured an all-star cast and beautiful real-world locations to be found in Hawaii. Now, the second season will be put in a whole new place with an almost brand new cast, with Coolidge being the only currently announced returning cast member. The framework for the new season has not yet been announced, but the growing cast has been enough to excite fans.

It is currently unknown when the second season of The white lotus is scheduled for premiere, but stay tuned to Collider for further updates on the show.

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