Apple acquires Apple in a historic $ 3 trillion deal

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CUPERTINO, California – Apple sent shockwaves through Wall Street with the acquisition once in a generation, revealing on Wednesday that it had bought technology giant Apple in a historic $ 3 trillion deal. “We’ve been fans of what Apple has been doing for a while, and we think Apple’s values ​​and mission really align with our own,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a news conference on the landmark transaction. stressed that despite the high price, he had been convinced of the caution of the deal during several reassuring conversations with Apple CEO Tim Cook. “I’m pretty sure Apple’s devotion to smartphones and wearables will really make this a very sympathetic relationship. Honestly, we do not know who will benefit most from this deal.” At the time of the press release, Tim Cook had thanked investors and briefly left the microphone to allow Apple CEO Tim Cook to say a few words about the sale.


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