Driver charged after two Camp Lejeune Marines killed in military vehicle crash ::

Two Marines were killed in a crash in a military vehicle coming from Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville on Wednesday afternoon, according to officials.

Louis Barrera, 19, of Springfield, Tennessee, was charged with one count of exceeding a safe speed and two counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

State Highway Patrol Sgt. Devin Rich said that while the 7-ton military was making a right turn, it lost control, knocked over and hurled the Marines sitting in the back of the truck onto the road.

One of the Marines was hit by another military vehicle that could not stop in time after the Marines were thrown out. The two Marines died at the scene, officials said, and their names were withheld for 24 hours. The two Marines killed were part of the 2nd Marine Logistics Group based in Camp Lejeune.

Fifteen Marines were transported to local hospitals by the ground, and two other Marines were aired around noon. 13.00 after the crash on NC Highway 210 and US Route 17.

Diego Feliciano-Gutierrez, a former Marine living in Jacksonville, said Marines are sitting inside benches without seat belts on the 7-ton vehicles.

He said he could not imagine how scary it would be to be inside a military vehicle during a rollover.

The State Highway Patrol said Wednesday that they were continuing to investigate the accident.



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