I do not want my name on a friend’s YouTube

DEAR HARRIETTE: I do not want to publicly support my friend’s YouTube channel because I dislike their content.

Harriette Cole

I have a lot of followers and I only sign things that I absolutely love.

Should I be completely honest with them about this? I do not want to hurt my friend’s feelings, but I think their feelings are already hurt by my lack of public support for their channel anyway.

Bad content

DEAR BAD CONTENT: This is a good question and extremely challenging. On the one hand, you can “play dumb” and not say anything, but as you point out, that doesn’t mean your friend stops wondering why it’s wrong.

You can also be honest. The question is, how much honesty is right at the moment? When you look at your friend’s channel, what bothers you about it? Is the quality of the content poor? Is it in bad taste? Is it amateurish? Is it wild? What about the content bothers you – specifically?

Once you are crystal clear about what is bothering you, you can decide what information is worth sharing with your friend. If your feelings are purely subjective, you can say so much: The content does not appeal to you personally; therefore, you do not feel comfortable adapting to it.


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