I’m fine, but my friend insists I’m in denial

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My big sister was a deeply troubled person with a violent temper.

When I was too young to fight, she bullied and abused me mercilessly. When I was growing up, I understood that she had mental problems of some kind and I felt sorry for her.

I tried many times to encourage her to seek help for her own sake, but I also saw that I had to protect myself and my loved ones.

When I found out through necessary legal papers that she had passed away, the only thing I could feel was a sense of relief. I would not have to deal with the fallout from her outrageous, ugly behavior again, and hopefully she is at peace.

I had a visit the day the court papers arrived, and curious as to what I could receive from an out-of-town lawyer, I apologized for a moment and opened it. Through this guest, my other friends learned that my sister had passed away.


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