Robert Pattinson regrets his comments about ‘not training’ for The Batman


‘The Batman’ is one of the most anticipated films this year. But not so long ago, fans were angry at Robert Pattinson for not wanting to train for his role as Bruce Wayne. It turns out that the actor was making fun. Check out the whole story.

Robert Pattinson
© Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for the Academy Museum of Motion PicturesRobert Pattinson

When Robert Pattinson was cast to play Bruce Wayne in the new adaptation of ‘The Batman’, to be released in March, there were many skeptics who could not see him in the role. No matter Pattinson has been one of the most versatile and famous actors of the last decade, fans just did not think of him as Gotham’s vigilance.

Pattinson, however, has gained the trust of even the most infidel fans of Caped Crusader. The first teaser and trailer for the film directed by Matt Reeves has been a success where many people have praised his voice, his acting and his body. The actor, who has not exactly been known for his athletic abilities, has certainly put in the work to get a body worthy of the costume.

And this was a relief for fans after May 2020, Pattinson said GQ he would not train for the role of Batman: “I think if you train all the time, you’re part of the problem. You set a precedent. No one did this in the 70s. “ But in a recent interview, he talked about why he regrets his comments and what the criticism meant to him.

Robert Pattinson regrets that he joked about training: ‘It came back to haunt me’

Fans of Pattinson know that he likes to make fun when he gives interviews, which he has admitted many times. But few jokes have been more significant than this one. “It really came back to haunt me, Pattinson said about the workout joke in a recent interview with MovieMaker.

Pattinson set the record straight: “You play Batman. You have to train. I think I did the interview when I was in lockdown, also in England … I was in a lower gear with training. ” He also explained that he thinks “it’s really embarrassing to talk about how you train.”

“I think it’s like one English thing. Unless you are in the most incredible form, where people are just genuinely curious and say, ‘How have you achieved physical perfection?’ or whatever, “ he added. And he also compared the experience to another time where he made a joke and ended up becoming a widespread rumor. “It’s the same as saying in an interview when I was 21 that I did not wash my hair. It only lasts for 15 years. ”


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