Voting Rights Act Senate vote 2022

(Senate TV)
(Senate TV)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered a passionate speech earlier today when the Senate discussed voting legislation for the first time in this Congress, and he reiterated that when GOP lawmakers block Democrats’ election legislation from moving forward, he will made his proposal to allow for a “speaking filibuster” on voting legislation.

“When we discuss this issue, which is so crucial to the origins of our democracy, we will all face the critical question: Should members of this House do what is necessary to pass these bills and move them to the President’s desk? It is my hope that courage wakes up in the hearts of our Republican colleagues before the day is over, “he said, adding that if the Senate can not protect the right to vote,” then Senate rules must be reformed. “

“Our proposal for a speaking filibuster on these pieces of legislation would be the first step towards transferring voting rights, restoring this body and breaking the crisis we are now facing in this important issue,” Schumer continued.

While Schumer was speaking, CNN was talking about 30 Democrats in the Senate, including the majority leader and Senator Pat Leahy, who was president. No Republicans were in the hall during his speech. It is effective as Schumer’s daily morning speeches are typically held in an empty chamber. Late. Joe Manchin, who will eventually vote against the nuclear option, was in the hall, but Senator Kyrsten Sinema was not.

Schumer reiterated in his remarks that he knows that “it’s a battle uphill” to change Senate rules to pass election legislation, as there are some in the caucus who believe that the legislative filibuster “helps bring us together . “

He slammed that argument, saying, “I do not see the evidence, proof of it at all, and I think a majority of my colleagues would agree with that.”

As the two moderate Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, continue to oppose lowering the threshold for the legislative filibuster, the vote to change Senate rules is expected to fail.


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