Which Hotel Transylvania rating are you, based on your zodiac sign?

Since the first Hotel Transylvania the film was released, both adults and children’s fans have enjoyed watching their favorite quirky, friendly monsters navigate their recent crisis (usually bought on by one of Dracula’s ill-conceived plans). With the latest movie Hotel Transylvania: Transformania which was recently released, fans have happily remembered their favorite monster characters.

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The differences between the character’s views, preferences and personalities are at the core of Hotel Transylvania movies, as they are usually the cause of their trials and tribulations (especially those between Johnny and Dracula). In a movie about the supernatural, it only seems right to consider the character’s zodiac sign so that any fan can find out who they relate to the most!


Aries – Winnie

Winnie pours tea for Dennis at Hotel Transylvania

Aries are brave, intelligent and very determined people who stick to very high standards and are always ready to throw themselves into their next goal.

As Johnny leaves Hotel Transylvania for fear of being killed by Dracula (despite ‘singing’ with Mavis), Winnie shows his exaggerated nature by smelling his scent and identifying where he was going, which plane he is getting, and even what food he has ordered (all the while her siblings quarrel with each other). She demonstrates her Aries nature through the films by repeatedly not being afraid of evil and thugs.

Tyr – Dracula

Hotel Transylvania 4 Transformania Vlad

Bulls value consistency. They like intimacy, enjoy being in control and can be very careful about change. In the underrated vampire movie, it is often a main theme that Dracula wants things to stay the same – he tries to prevent Mavis from falling in love with a human, wants his grandson to be a vampire and is worried about walking retired.

Every time Dracula faces a new situation, he is reluctant to give up control, and therefore he orchestrates a plan to maintain it. But this kind-hearted vampire’s plans are always ineffective, and through them he learns life lessons about embracing change.

The twins – Johnny

Johnny raises his arms while Mavis watches at Hotel Transylvania

Twins are charismatic, funny and talkative. They are often the life of the party, thrive on human relationships and seem to know a little about everything.

Johnny, spectacularly portrayed by Andy Samberg in one of his best roles, forever steals the stage and captures everyone (except Dracula) with his quirky and humorous Gemini nature and positive Gemini outlook. He always finds a way to have fun, no matter what else happens, and he forever tells stories of “when [he] was on a backpack across …, “and provided endless entertainment for the guests of the Hotel Transylvania.

Cancer – Dennis

Dennis Dracula Mavis Hotel Transylvania

Cancer is known to be sensitive and warm people who tend to take on the problems of others because of their friendly nature. While they have great capacity for the feelings of others, they have some fixed boundaries.

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Dennis shows these qualities, as even at such a young age he is so preoccupied with making everyone else happy. Nevertheless, he certainly demonstrates that he has some limits after taking on the emotional strain of his family. Dennis eventually reaches his limit and gets angry when Vlad’s comrades attack Winnie and turn into a vampire to protect her.

Leo – Frankenstein

Hotel Transylvania 4

Lions are known to have great personalities. They are warm and friendly people who often enjoy being in the center, but some lions can also be somewhat vain.

Frankenstein demonstrates his great personality and love of capturing people’s attention when he performs on stage at the Hotel Transylvania. He is a loyal and diligent friend of Dracula and helps and covers him forever. Frankenstein’s vanity is a big theme in the fourth film, as he becomes an attractive human being and becomes (charmingly) obsessed with the way he looks.

Jomfruen – Ericka Van Helsing

Ericka smiles at Hotel Transylvania

Virgos are fixers. They tend to be exceptional at helping others, but they may tend to be judgmental. Ericka, one of the many great characters played by Kathryn Hahn, demonstrates her Virgo energy repeatedly.

When she is first introduced to the movies, she judges and abhors monsters and wants to destroy them all. However, it is because of her great – grandfather’s influence and her desire to help him. When she finds out that monsters are not evil, she becomes a friendly and helpful partner for Dracula.

Libra – Wanda

Wanda, Murray and Wayne smile at the camera at Hotel Transylvania

Libra is known for being kind, good people who try to avoid and resolve conflicts. As the diligent parent of several children, Wanda is forever trying to take care of and do what is best for her great offspring.

Despite being exhausted, she constantly strives to be the best parent she can be, and that of course involves a lot of resolving conflicts between her werewolf puppies and tearing them apart during scraps.

Scorpio – Murray The Mummy

Murray holds Frank's head at the Hotel Transylvania

Scorpios are considered to be complex and cool people. They are very good at understanding others, all the while telling very little about themselves.

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In three of the films, Murray literally hides from others. No one sees his face as he is always wrapped up (except when he briefly becomes human in the fourth film). Like an old mummy, his experiences are varied and numerous, but he gives very little away about everything he knows, despite the fact that he probably knows an awful lot.

Sagittarius – Eunice

Eunice Frank Dracula Dennis stands together in Hotel Transylvania

Sagittarius is known for being loud, friendly and honest. They are not afraid to express their true feelings, but do so in a charming and harmless way.

In this amazing animated sequel, Eunice certainly demonstrates Sagittarius’ energy. Through the films, she can be seen telling Frankenstein and his friends off, strictly but lovingly letting her feelings be known. Her big, charming, charismatic and happy personality is also shown through, which she uses to humor and relax her monster friends.

Capricorn – Griffin

Griffin in the bathroom at Hotel Transylvania

Capricorn is understood as responsible and conscientious individuals who value to be respected and are responsive to praise. Although Griffin sometimes finds himself in sticky situations (and not surprisingly, since his whereabouts are often unknown), he consistently and diligently tries to help his friend, Dracula, navigate the difficult situations he creates for himself.

Additionally, Griffin feels the need to try to impress others, as he shows when he tries to convince the group that he has an invisible girlfriend.

Aquarius – Professor Abraham Van Helsing

Van Helsing at Hotel Transylvania

Jellyfish are intelligent and can be very eccentric people. They are conceptual, curious and smart, though they may be suspicious of others.

Professor Abraham Van Helsing is the ultimate Aquarius genius. As an example of animated film dealing with serious problems, he is initially very suspicious of and has an unwarranted prejudice against monsters. He has an unquenchable curiosity and forever runs new experiments and invents new things (like the piece of equipment that turns monsters into humans and humans into monsters) in his hole in the basement of the Hotel Transylvania.

Pisces – Mavis

Mavis smiles with multicolored teeth at Hotel Transylvania

Pisces is known to be dreamy, romantic and demonstrate both extreme wisdom and sometimes immaturity. Mavis demonstrates her Fish Energy through the four films: she dreams of leaving Hotel Transylvania and exploring the world, and she wants to find her soulmate and believes in ‘zing’ with only one person in her life.

While she is often the wise voice of reason in her unconventional family, she can be seen behaving a little childishly in her moments of irritation.

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