Audi gives ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ contestant a car after viewers slam the show to take away her prize

By Becca Longmire.

3 hours ago

“Wheel of Fortune” viewers were once again unimpressed Tuesday night.

Participant Charlene Rubush entered the bonus round with $ 16,500 before facing a puzzle in “What Are You Doing?” category, Yahoo! reported.

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She then guessed, “Choose the right card,” before saying “Choose the right … word,” which was the actual answer, after pausing for a few seconds.

Host Pat Sajak said: “You know this one is tough because you said all the right words, including the word ‘word’, but as you know, it has to be more or less continuous.

“We will allow a small break, but not four or five seconds. Sorry. You did a good job of getting it, but we can not give you the price, and that was the Audi.”

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Viewers insisted the decision was a bit harsh.

Rubush, who was still getting rid of the prize money and a holiday, however, ended up getting the Audi Q3 after all, after the company saw it all go crazy on social media and decided to use the hashtag to get involved and offer her the car.

Audi USA Twitter account wrote:

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