Black Cat Needs to Be in Spider-Man 4

That’s over a month ago Spider-Man: No Way Home swung into movie screens and made a bid on the Spider-Man myth that fans had never expected to see on screen. Amidst the heartbreaking action sequences and the long-awaited cameo appearances, the film developed the individual narrative of Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in some significant ways. By the end of the film, Peter was left in a whole new status quo, after deciding to save the multiverse by letting Doctor Strange make everyone “forget” who he is. Peter’s decision – which made his secret identity a secret again, erased his existing romantic and personal relationship and put him on a path to getting his GED and living on his own – essentially created a blank slate for every time we see the character next time. With Sony and Marvel already in the process of developing one currently untitled Spider-Man 4, there is already speculation about where the story could go and what new elements or characters could get into the fold. Out of all the storytelling options – with elements that are either new to MCU’s Peter or completely new to the Spider-Man story on screen – one stands out uniquely.

It is true. Spider-Man 4 to bring Felicia Hardy / Black Cat into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Created by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard in the 1979s The amazing Spider-Man # 194, Felicia is the daughter of a notorious cat thief who eventually follows in his footsteps and becomes a vigilant who is adept at a variety of fighting styles and can unknowingly create “accidents” for her enemies. While this initially puts her on edge with Peter, the two eventually develop a professional and romantic relationship that culminates in an on-again, off-again relationship. Throughout it all, Felicia’s personal experience of going on the border between hero and villain has been portrayed in decades of comic book canon, as well as her own solo series.

The opportunity to see Black Cat in live-action has been played with for years, beginning when Felicity Jones played a civilian version of Felicia (who, as a painfully generic employee of Oscorp, did not resemble her comic counterpart) in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There is also the years-long development saga about Silver and black, a hypothetical film that would have been separate from the MCU and would have given one Thelma and Louise-like adventure between Black Cat and Silver Sable. Eventually, the project was canceled in favor of solo projects for both grades, but there have been no updates in the years since. During that time, however, a wider audience has become more aware of Black Cat and her appointment – she had a stage-stealing appearance in Insomniac’s Spider Man video games, her solo cartoon has been well received by fans and a silhouette of the character came to flash and you will miss it in the last act of No way home.

It’s safe to say that the pieces have not fallen completely into place for Black Cat’s proper live action – but in a way it could have been a blessing in disguise to get to the bedrock that Spider-Man 4 was eventually built on. We already know that the film will realistically include a mostly new supporting role, by virtue of Peter starting all over again on his own and his former friends and family either dead or living in blissful, Doctor Strange-induced ignorance elsewhere. Whatever Peter’s civilian identity develops into Spider-Man 4 – whether he goes to college, gets a job or a combination of the two – he will need new allies and opponents in his world, and it’s incredibly easy to imagine Felicia being introduced to any of these connections. Maybe her civilian identity could be like one of Peter’s classmates at university or someone he crosses paths with in his job, or maybe the film could just cut into her leg and make her become another disguised character he meets while he is a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Given the fact that none of the other superheroes in MCU currently know who Spider-Man is, the idea that he potentially considers Felicia as someone he could have in his corner feels as possible as it has ever done in the comics.

There’s also the romantic aspect of it all, as Felicia canonically has a completely different relationship with Peter in the comics than the deep story he’s ever had with Gwen or Mary Jane. On paper, Felicia and Peter should not work as a couple (and often do not for long), but there is a darkness and a sense of ambition that binds them together as superheroes and love interests. After the events of No way home, Holland’s Peter is undeniably at the point where he embodies these qualities, and his emotional relationship with Felicia could easily break the internet, just as his high school relationship with Zendaya’s MJ already did. That said, comics eventually established that Felicia was much more in love with the idea of ​​Spider-Man than the reality of who Peter Parker is, a dynamic that could be fun to play with given Peter’s secret identity at the moment is a mystery. To put it simply, a Spider-Man / Black Cat romance could embody as many tropes of dating as a young adult in college, while bringing to life a relationship that fans have yet to see on screen.

While the end result of Spider-Man 4 will certainly continue to surprise and delight, the film has the opportunity to introduce some previously uncovered elements of Spider-Man-lore to an incredibly captivated audience. No character could benefit from it, while also showcasing previously unseen elements of Peter’s characterization, like Felicia Hardy, who seems like a pitch-perfect addition to the next chapter of her life. Her arrival at MCU – either in Spider-Man 4 or otherwise – would not only bring a fan-favorite and entertaining female vigilante onto the big screen, but it would continue to undermine expectations, as the franchise has already done time and time again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in the cinema at the moment.


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