No Way Home’s Doc Ock Hot Toys figure revealed

That Spider-Man: No Way Home merch lines continue to be slowly rolled out. Following the Hot Toys unveiling of a Green Goblin character based on Willem Dafoe’s appearance in the new Marvel movie, a Doc Ock sixth scale character is the next in line! Hot Toys and Sideshow unveiled the next epic collectible, which has a very detailed costume and body for the character with a main sculpture by Alfred Molina in character to match. It is expected to be made available to the public in the first half of 2023 with a pre-order page now open on Sideshow’s official page.

Doc Ock’s sixth scale figure of Hot Toys will be made available in two versions. One is the Collector Edition, priced at $ 330. The second version is the Deluxe Edition, priced at $ 360. The difference is in the tentacles! Both versions of the Doc Ock figure include a newly developed hand-painted head sculpture, body in 1/6 scale with over 30 articulation points, 7 interchangeable gloved hands, a long coat, a blazer, a turtleneck shirt, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a pair of shoes , a belt, 4 mechanical tentacles (equipped with flexible wire) with two types of articulated claws, a tentacle spear (can be mounted on the upper tentacles), a pair of goggles and a specially designed dynamic figure display stand with film logo and character name tag. The deluxe version includes 4 alternative nanotechnology tentacles (equipped with flexible cord) with two styles of articulated claws.

The first images of the Doc Ock figure were released Monday morning. The first photo below is a look at the figure in the Collector Edition form with Ock’s standard tentacles attached.

(Photo: Hot Toys / Sideshow)

Then there are the alternative tentacles that ask to be shown off! The deluxe version of the Doc Ock character pays homage to the sequence in Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which Tony Stark’s nanotechnology, which is in the color of Spider-Man, is attached to Ock’s tentacles. See the figure’s version of these tentacles in the picture below!

(Photo: Sideshow / Hot Toys)

While it seems inevitable that more numbers from Spider-Man: No Way Home will continue to roll out, there is as yet no official word on characters for characters like Electro or Sandman. There is also no word yet on whether the other Spider-Man characters appearing in the film will get new characters in this line. So far, Doctor Strange and updated Spider-Man suits have been unveiled, and the Black & Gold suit is coming pretty soon. Below you can see the new Doc Ock figure squaring with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man figure in the upgraded suit from kl. No way home.

(Photo: Sideshow / Hot Toys)

Are you excited to see more Hot Toys characters from Spider-Man: No Way Home? See more details on Sideshow’s official pre-order page for the figure. Share your thoughts in the comments section or send them to me on Instagram! Spider-Man: No Way Home now plays in cinemas and continues to top the box office.


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