Marvel is Finally Forcing Daredevil To Kill His Greatest Enemy

Thanks to the latest issue of Marvel’s Devil’s Reign, Daredevil may have no choice but to kill Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin by the end of the new event.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Devil’s Reign # 4

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Devil’s ReignMatt Murdock’s Daredevil may have no choice but to kill Kingpin. While New York’s corrupt mayor Wilson Fisk has declared war on the city’s superheroes and vigilantes, it’s all been about the Man Without Fear. Now, this latest issue sees Daredevil starting to justify the idea of ​​murder Fisk to save the city along with his friends and allies. Furthermore, a major revelation made by Kingpin may push Murdock over the edge in the issues to come.

In the first issue of Devil’s Reign from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto, Kingpin was enraged to discover that his mind had been manipulated into forgetting Daredevil’s secret identity. Seeing as how the Man Without Fear refused to restore Fisk’s mind by revealing his greatest secret, Kingpin determined to use his extensive files on all of New York’s heroes against them, outlawing superhero activity in the city under the new Powers Act. Having grown tired of superheroes and the lack of control he feels in the face of their power, Kingpin has also gained abilities of his own, taking the powers of the persuasive Purple Man.


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Following an attack on Daredevil’s friend Foggy Nelson, the new Devil’s Reign # 4 features Murdock genuinely entertaining the idea of ​​killing Fisk, ending his corruption once and for all. Having already murdered a criminal (unintentionally), Murdock believes he already earned himself the biblical “second death” in Hell, a punishment reserved for murderers and those who’ve committed the darkest sins. With that in mind, Daredevil is beginning to wonder why he does not just kill Kingpin for the good of mankind as he already earned his “second death.” If that wasn’t bad enough, the issue ends with the Kingpin using his newfound power to restore his mind, finally remembering the secret identity of Daredevil.


It should be noted that Daredevil’s justifications are somewhat odd. While the “second death” is indeed in the Bible and reserved in Hell for those with the darkest sins (like murder), it seems Murdock is forgetting about a foundational concept in his Catholic faith: repentance and salvation. That being said, perhaps Daredevil believes he’s no longer worthy of the redemption that comes from his faith, choosing instead to do what “good” he can in the darkness. Likewise, Fisk remembers that Murdock is Daredevil can only lead to more conflict between the two rivals, potentially forcing Matt’s hand as the event continues.

With the stakes being raised so high for Daredevil and Kingpin, it’s hard to imagine how a future conflict between the two will top the one being seen in Devil’s Reign. Perhaps Daredevil will indeed kill Fisk and end his evil once and for all, though the inverse could certainly occur as well. Either way, the new Marvel event is only going to get more intense as it continues, seeing Marvel’s heroes fighting for their very right to protect New York as they always have.

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