Marvel Just Confirmed Even Thor’s Mjolnir Isn’t Worthy Of Itself

A new preview confirms that Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has been intrinsically changed, becoming incredibly dark with little opportunity for redemption.

Warning! Contains a preview for Thor # 22

In a new Marvel Comics preview for Thorit’s been teased that the God of Thunder’s hammer Flour has become unworthy of itself now that it’s been transformed into the dark God of Hammers. Having merged with the spirit of the Mangog when it was thrown into the sun before returning during the War of the Realms, it’s finally been explained why Thor has been struggling to lift his own hammer. However, the hammer itself confirms in this new preview that it has not been corrupted. Instead, it’s simply been “given a voice,“speaking a dark truth about what it wants.


In previous issues of Thor, the God of Thunder and King of Asgard has been having problems with his hammer Mjolnir as it has been growing heavier in his hand while others can freely wield it without issue. Eventually, the hammer begins operating on its own accord, massacring countless lives across the Ten Realms and even paralyzing Thor’s father Odin. This is when it reveals its new nature as a hybrid of the Mother of Storms within the hammer and the villainous Mangog, coming together in the fires of the sun to become the brutal God of Hammers.

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The new preview for Thor # 22 from Donny Cates and Nic Klein continues this revelation as Thor tries to appeal to his hammer, offering to help and restore Mjolnir from Mangog’s corruption. However, the God of Hammers does not see itself as corrupted, claiming that this new darkness and the desire to break and destroy has always been inherent within it. Mangog just allowed Mjolnir to act freely on those desires. As such, it seems as though Mjolnir itself has become unworthy of its own original rules now that it’s achieved dark godhood. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue of Thor:






GOD OF HAMMERS, PART FOURTo stop the deadly path of the Mjolnir-wielding God of Hammers, all of the Marvel Universe must come together! The final battle is here, but will Thor’s allies survive the hammer’s blows? Thor turns to an unexpected source to help ensure victory!

While Thor’s allies such as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Wolverine, and more heroes mean well and have assembled to help the God of Thunder in this new preview, the King of Asgard’s fear that they’ll all be killed is certainly warranted. Mjolnir is immensely powerful and it’s clear that it will not be holding back given the unleashed darkness it always had within it. In any case, Thor certainly seems to be at a loss for how to reclaim his hammer (if it’s even possible at this point).

The God of Hammers is unlike any threat Thor has ever had to face. What is he supposed to do when his most iconic weapon has turned against him with the intent to break everything in sight, becoming a dark god in its own right? It’s certainly uncharted territory, and readers will have to see if Thor’s unworthy hammer Flour can be redeemed when the full issue releases on February 16th.

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