Did Marvel Just Spoil Howard the Duck’s MCU Return?

It looks like Howard the Duck could be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner rather than later. After appearing in cameo roles in both Guardians of the Galaxy films and a quick, non-speaking shot in Avengers: Endgamea new report says the character will be returning at some point during the release of She-Hulk. As one fan has noticed, a French magazine officially licensed by Disney seems to spill the beans on Howard’s return.

“A webbed future? Howard the Duck seems to be part of Marvel’s plans again: in the What If …? Series, he got married to Darcy Lewis … Does the duck, elected in 2009 as one of the strangest characters in the Marvel team by “Time” magazine, have a promising bright future? ” a translation of the magazine reads (The Direct). “In any case, the She-Hulk series, which lands this year on Disney +, could reserve some” what the duck “surprises! This should delight lovers of this turbulent duck, determined to do as he pleases.”

At one point, Howard the duck was supposed to get his own animated show on Hulu, set in the same world as MODOK spirit Hit-Monkey. Instead, those plans were shelved after Marvel Studios absorbed Marvel Television.

“Jeph, I spoke to about it not too long ago. He was not like ‘f ** k!’ he was like ‘this is cool, I’m ready to do something,’ ” Howard the Duck producer Smith previously said of the show’s cancellation and subsequent closure of Marvel Television. “Remember, we’re now coming into an age where Kevin Feige has the Marvel shows on Disney + and they’re gonna be f ** king amazing. Everything I’ve heard about WandaVision is f ** king incredible. “

In the Marvel source material, Howard is a private eye and he could easily tie into any story told involving attorney Jennifer Walters.

She-Hulk has yet to get a release date from Disney +. If you have not signed up for Disney + yet, you can try it out here.

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