Fantastic Four Just Replaced A Member With A Surprise Marvel Hero

The Fantastic Four just lost a member, but quickly invited a surprise Marvel Comics hero to join their ranks as the Reckoning War continues.

Warning! Spoilers for Fantastic Four # 40 by Marvel Comics

Reed Richards just offered a membership to the Fantastic Four to a surprise Marvel Comics hero, as he asks Jack of Hearts to replace Johnny Storm on the superteam. In Fantastic Four # 40, the Human Torch splits from the superteam due to his frustration with Mr. Fantastic. Richards quickly offers his spot to Jack of Hearts, who accepts it immediately. However, adding the hero seems to be part of Richard’s plan to stop the Reckoning War.

In the current Reckoning War crossover event at Marvel Comics, Reed Richards has gained the power of a Watcher and, with it, is coming up with a plan to stop the Reckoning. The Watchers accidentally created the villains after their gifts of technology to a growing planet were turned into weapons of war. The Reckoning has armed numerous warring planets and races with advanced tech, as the Badoon took to Earth after blowing up the moon. To stop the cosmic chaos, Reed Richards uses his Watcher powers and makes his fellow heroes angry in the process.


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In Fantastic Four # 40 by Dan Slott, Rachael Stott, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Richards directs Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on how to handle Earth’s invaders, sending them plans on how to stop the Badoon. However, Richards refuses to revert Johnny Storms’ out-of-control powers to normal, calling him the “biggest weapon” in his arsenal. Later, Richards calls out a handful of Reckoning attacks as the most important to fight across the cosmos, calling other crises’ “smokescreens.” Johnny notices one planet Richards does not want to defend is Spyre, the planet of his partner Sky. Richards tells Johnny he forbids him from helping – leading the fiery hero to immediately head off-planet to save Spyre. Richards immediately welcomes a nearby Jack of Hearts to the Fantastic Four.

Mr. Fantastic’s new powers have him thinking multiple steps ahead as he plans to take down the Reckoning. Getting Johnny Storm to go into space seems to be an intentional move on his part. However, replacing him in the Fantastic Four with Jack of Hearts is a surprise move. Is Reed planning on using Jack of Hearts’ zero energy powers to help take down the Reckoning?

Jack of Hearts joining the Fantastic Four to replace Johnny Storm likely won’t last. But, for the recently resurrected hero, he becomes a temporary member of Marvel’s First Family during a time of serious crisis. Reed Richards chose him for a reason. Readers will find out more soon, as Fantastic Four # 40 is in comic book stores now.

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