Moon Knight’s New Villain Is An Incredible Marvel Deep Cut

Marvel Comics just revealed the surprise new villain for Moon Knight, who is an incredibly deep cut even by usual standards.

Warning! Spoilers for Moon Knight # 8 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is teasing the surprise return of a little-known villain who is about to become a big problem for Moon Knight. In Moon Knight # 8, the issue ended with the reveal Rutherford Winner has escaped Ravencroft Institue. The terrorist and assassin is an incredible deep cut, only making a couple of appearances in Marvel’s Daughters of the Dragon – Marvel Digital Original series.

Rutherford Winner first appeared in Daughters of the Dragon – Marvel Digital Original # 2 by Jed MacKay, Travel Foreman, Joe Silver, Andres Mossa, and Ferran Delgado. Winner was a former Hydra agent who was a product of the Pygmalion Project – where the evil organization kidnapped random people and experimented on them with implanted memories to turn them into human weapons. Winner killed thousands of people as an assassin and even worked for SHIELD after being reprogrammed before going solo. Winner also worked alongside the Daughters of the Dragon before later being sent to the Ravencroft Institute. Now, Winner makes a surprise return, which is bad news for Moon Knight.


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In Moon Knight # 8 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit, Hunter Moon takes over the Midnight Mission as Moon Knight helps the hero’s take on Kingpin in Devil’s Reign. After Hunter Moon encounters the Stained Glass Scarlet, who’s become a worshipped deity and taken on a terrifying new form, the comic ends with a surprise epilogue at Ravencroft Institute. In the scene, two guards call for a red alert after realizing an inmate who was an “ex-Hydra assassin-slash-terrorist,” with “four figures of bodies to his name” has broken free. It turns out to be a deep cut villain, Rutherford Winner.

Rutherford Winner Marvel Comics

MacKay, who also wrote Daughters of the Dragonhas been secretly teasing the arrival of Rutherford Winner since the beginning of his run on Moon Knight. In Moon Knight # 1, the antihero has a conversation with his therapist, who tells him his brain has been changed by making contact with a literal god. However, she tells him that’s not her specialty, as she focuses on dealing with superhuman menticide, mentioning cases like Jack Monroe and Rutherford Winner. That deep-cut name-drop seemed insignificant at the time, but it turned out to be the first hint Winner would appear in future issues of the series.

The question remains, how does Winner fit into Moon Knight’s story? With a horrifying rap sheet and penchant for killing, Winner could become both Moon Knight and Hunter Moon’s newest problem as they continue to run Midnight Mission. Nevertheless, the deep-cut villain is an exciting addition to one of Marel’s best comics. Moon Knight # 8 is in comic book stores now.

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