Marvel’s Ultimate Avenger Was Totally Ruined by One Detail

In a world where every Marvel hero was merged with another, one amalgam stood above the rest as the ultimate Avenger, but he was ruined by one detail

Some of the most powerful Avengers were once combined into one ultimate Avenger who was potentially the strongest and coolest member to ever join the team, but this epic superhero was totally ruined by one detail. During the events of Infinity Wars, the universe was folded in half through the use of the Soul Gem, effectively merging every hero with another. This new branched reality known as Warp World gave birth to a number of insanely powerful heroes, but it also laid the groundwork for the rise of one hero who became the amalgam of multiple merged heroes. While his power was vast beyond that of nearly any other hero in the Marvel Universe, one detail in his design completely ruined his awesomeness.


The hero in question is known as the Hammer Supreme who made his first appearance in Infinity Wars # 3 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr. After Warp World was formed, a reality quake hit New York City and merged Ghost Hammer and Spider Supreme, an event which created Hammer Supreme. While on the surface it seems like Hammer Supreme is just the combination of two altered heroes, both Ghost Hammer and Spider Supreme each had a number of Avengers’ powers stored inside their respective bodies. Ghost Hammer is the combination of Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider merged with Black Panther) and Iron Hammer (the mashup of Iron Man and Thor). Spider Supreme is the combination of Arachknight (Spider-Man merged with Moon Knight) and Soldier Supreme (Captain America and Doctor Strange).

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When it’s all broken down, Hammer Supreme has the powers of Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Captain America, and Doctor Strange. Hammer Supreme is the living embodiment of the most powerful Avengers, which makes the fact that his costume is totally laughable a crying shame. Hammer Supreme has a costume that crams every aspect of all the other suits into one. While that tracks as a solid design choice given the combos of his power set, there was one aspect of that costume that pushed the entire suit over the threshold from a bit chaotic to absolutely ridiculous. That detail was Soldier Supreme’s blond goatee situated over Ghost Panther’s flaming mask, a single design choice that turned this godly force of nature into a complete joke.

Aside from the Black Panther mask having facial hair, Hammer Supreme’s costume is actually pretty cool and is a great tribute to every hero’s power he’s using. From the intimidating mask of Black Panther wrapped in Ghost Rider’s hellfire to the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange and even the brutal Asgardian hammer he wields in battle. Even if it may seem a little chaotic, Hammer Supreme’s overall design is spot on and absolutely breathtaking. However, once fans take a look at his face, all the goodwill that was created from the rest of his outfit is completely undone.

The goatee over Hammer Supreme’s mask makes the all-powerful hero something of a parody of himself, similar to how Deadpool will oftentimes wear wigs and fake mustaches over his mask for comedic effect. Even with a suit that is overall really cool, a hero of Hammer Supreme’s caliber is totally trashed by a single ridiculous detail, one which unquestionably ruined Marvel’s ultimate Avenger.

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