Strange Marvel’s Spider-Man Bug Removes All Light From Part Of New York City

A Marvel’s Spider-Man fan stumbles upon a truly strange bug that sees them swinging through a completely darkened chunk of Manhattan.


Marvel’s Spider-Man may be an extremely polished game, but as is the case with even the smoothest-running titles, occasional bugs will be seen. The latest glitch sees the open world of Marvel’s Spider-Man becoming a whole lot darker.

This is not the first glitch fans have seen that is related to Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s version of New York City. Recently, a player found themselves under the map, swinging around with the city above them. The bug essentially looked like the player was trapped in Doctor Strange’s mirror dimension, making for a memorable sight until they respawned. As for the darkened city, it is more comparable to the boss arena where players battle Mr. Negative in the game’s final act, as it features extreme levels of black and white.


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The bug in question was posted by Reddit user and Marvel’s Spider-Man of MORTIS77DEARG. At the start of the video, Spidey is seen turning on a wall before the player leaps off to fight crime – though even at this point it is clear that something is off about the surrounding area. None of the buildings near Spider-Man have lights on, with the skybox completely gone as well. While the game’s audio keeps things from being too eerie and uncomfortable, as this part of the game remains normal, it’s truly odd seeing no sky in the air and no lighting coming off the buildings by Peter.

The bug only gets stranger the further the Redditor moves, as it is quickly revealed that the issue does not impact the entire city. Instead, there is a clear white barrier marking the end of the darkness – likely what made commenters such as S-hunter-SAB reference the villain Mr. Negative. Once the player crosses the threshold, they return to the normal, nighttime version of Manhattan. Midway through the video, they can even be seen standing on the line between the two cities, walking back and forth between the normal city and the odd, glitched out version.

Outside the broken part of New York City, players can see odd white light indicating that the area is not working as intended. For those interested in the bug, the fan swings through and around the area quite a bit, so there is plenty to take in. In the comments, players made jokes, comparing the broken area to Minecraft biomes or the difference between the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man universe. TheFirstAtom also made a great point, saying that the “cool” bug could provide plenty of interesting photo mode opportunities for those who like taking in-game screenshots.

With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 not releasing until 2023, fans will have plenty of time to discover and share strange moments from the original game. Given just how unexpected this glitch was, it will likely stick with MORTIS77DEATH for some time.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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