Wolverine’s Cybernetic Claws Give Him His Most Disgusting Power Ever

The Phalanx Wolverine from the far future has been given a serious upgrade, allowing his claws to precisely lobotomize memories from someone’s brain.

WARNING: Spoilers for X-Deaths of Wolverine # 4 ahead!

The Omega Wolverine featured in Marvel Comics’ latest event, X-Deaths of Wolverine, is perhaps one of Logan’s coolest redesigns in recent memory. In issue # 4 the Omega Wolverine continues to prove that not only does he look awesome, but his design also comes with amazing power upgrades. Future Wolverine’s cybernetic Phalanx-empowered claws continue to be one of the coolest, and grossest, changes to his modus operandi, and they are very reminiscent of the claws of the iconic Diamond Patch Wolverine from Infinity Wars.

X-Deaths of Wolverine by Benjamin Percy started out following Moira X after she is de-powered by Mystique and Destiny and runs away from Krakoa, only discover she has brutal stage four cancer. At first it is not clear if Moira is still a friend to the mutant cause in the long term, but by issue # 4 it is very clear that she does not care about mutants, and is instead obsessed with helping humankind ascend to immortality in the far future with the help of the Phalanx, something first seen in Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X. While this is happening Omega Wolverine, a Phalanx-imbued Logan from Moira’s future travels back in time, in an attempt to stop Moira from causing his future, where all his children are dead and Sentinels are about to wipe out the last of the mutants.


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X-Deaths of Wolverine # 4 – written by Benjamin Percy with art by Federico Vicentini, Dijjo Lima, and Cory Petit – Omega Wolverine has teamed up with his “Snikt Family” to track down the exiled Moira X by interrogating the brilliant human scientist Arnab Chakladar who has teamed up with Moira . At first Logan attempts to verbally intimidate Arnab and when that does not work he breaks his arm and reveals how all humans and mutants are killed in Moira’s dark future, which finally makes him reveal Moira’s whereabouts. Wolverine is not a man known for precision, usually choosing to use his vicious adamantium claws to rip through his enemies with reckless abandon. However in some iterations of the character the control over his bodily weapons has become so exact that he is able to use them in a specific and targeted way, something that is at peak display in X-Deaths of Wolverine # 4.

After Omega Wolverine convinces Arnab Chakladar to give up Moira’s location, he then shoves one of his cybernetic claws into Arnab’s brain through his nose, after promising not to kill him. It turns out, this did not kill him, and instead Logan was able to use his new cybernetic Phalanx powers to precisely identify where in Chakladar’s brain his memory of their interrogation of him, and his time with Moira, was and perform an immediate lobotomy on that section, leaving Arnab alive but with no memory of the last two issues. This is an incredibly cool, and disgusting, take on Wolverine’s claws, and lifts them above simple killing tools. While not exactly telepathy, this precise and unique use of his claws is reminiscent of the Multiversal Diamond Patch, a merger between Wolverine and Emma Frost, from the Infinity Wars event, who was able to use his diamond claws to read people’s minds.

Wolverine’s classic adamantium claws and healing factor are already cool enough, but it’s awesome when a Wolverine variant offers a unique take on his abilities. The Omega Wolverine’s claws have already been shown to be able to interact and engage with technology, since the Phalanx is a tech-based alien race making him akin to a cyborg, so adding “surgical lobotomy” to that skill set is amazing. Make sure to read all of X-Deaths of Wolverine by Marvel Comics to get caught up on how the Omega Wolverine came to the present time.

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