Marvel Confirms What If …? Season 2 Release Window

Marvel’s What If …? writer AC Bradley confirms that the hit MCU animated series will make its highly-anticipated return at some point in 2022.

Marvel’s What If …?the hit animated series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will return sooner than fans expected.

Series writer AC Bradley responded to reports that the show’s second season would hit Disney + in 2022, acknowledging that the rumors were correct. Simply tweeting, “See you later this year, kids!” Bradley, who also serves as a producer on the multiverse spanning MCU series, did not reveal any further details on Season 2. If What If …? is confirmed to return in 2022, fans can expect a more substantial update in the coming months.

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Marvel’s What If …? is the MCU’s first entirely animated installment, exploring the different worlds and characters that line the ever-growing multiverse. Narrated by The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), Season 1 begins as an anthology series that highlights various bizarre worlds before uniting a pantheon of universe-hopping heroes into the Guardians of the Multiverse. Among some of the more popular episodes are “What If … T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?” “What If … Zombies ?!” and “What If … Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?”

While it’s currently unknown how What If …? Season 2 will factor into the MCU, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige teased that the series’ characters may find their way into the live-action productions. “I really believe the deepening fictional mythologies is a way to appreciate them more, is a way to understand them more, look at them in a different way,” Feige said. “They’ve got now two seasons of What If …? ideas underway that’s some of the best storytelling we’ve ever had that you may see spin into other mediums. It’s really the most uniquely beautiful animated series I’ve seen in a long time. “

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Fans believe that Captain Carter, a character who made her MCU debut in What If …?, will feature in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Eagle-eyed enthusiasts spotted what appears to be Carter’s shield in the poster for the upcoming blockbuster film. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has stated that the Master of the Mystic Art’s second solo movie will unite different parts of the cinematic universe in unexpected ways.

Marvel’s What If …? Season 1 is now available to stream on Disney +. Season 2 is expected to arrive in 2022 but an official release window has yet to be confirmed.

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