Marvel’s Best Avengers Team is Literally Just Moon Knight

In Los Angeles and cut off from the rest of the Avengers, Moon Knight just imagines them instead. And does so by actually becoming three of them.

There have been a number of very strong Avengers teams over the years, but it’s hard to argue that one of the best was really just a single character: Moon Knight. This took place in 2011’s Moon Knight. The series was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maleev.

For a much-needed change of pace, Mark Spector relocates from New York City to Los Angeles to produce a television series based on his life called The Legend of Konshu. But that’s not all. Mark Spector believes he has been visited by Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man who need Moon Knight for a mission against criminals. After conducting an investigation, Moon Knight discovers the body of Ultron. The mysterious mastermind behind all this turned out to be the powerful Count Nefaria, and Moon Knight had to team up with Echo to stop him.


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It’s revealed, however, that Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America did not actually send Moon Knight to do anything. In fact, they were never in contact with him at all. Mark Spector imagined them talking to him the whole time. The hallucinations and delusions are taken a step further when “the group” is engaged in battle. Moon Knight fights not only as himself but also using the personas of the other heroes. He copies their moves and talks like them, essentially making himself a one-man Avengers team. He even wears a Spider-Man costume and has conversations with the non-dominant personas in his head, highlighting just how unhinged he really is.

What makes this behavior of Moon Knight so interesting is that it is very similar to the villain Taskmaster, who is essentially a mimic that can copy other people’s moves. However, Moon Knight is not just copying the heroes’ moves, he’s copying their whole personalities. And this is not derived from any photographic memory, which Taskmaster has. Instead, Moon Knight’s mimicry is a direct result of his multiple personality disorder.

Although Moon Knight has refrained from adopting other heroes’ identities in recent series, one could argue that he’s essentially doing the same thing all the time. Mark Specter has adopted multiple personalities and identities over the years, most notable is the Mr. Knight persona which is set to appear in Moon Knight’s upcoming Disney + series. So although Marc Specter has not been copying heroes to become an Avengers squad recently, he is still developing other ways of fighting outside of his normal Moon Knight tactics.

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