DC Comics Marvel Pride Month Releases: New Series, Characters

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Although Marvel Voices: Pride # 1 sounds great, the problem is that it seems to be only 50 percent of Marvel’s Pride content. The other is this trade paperback, which collects last year’s Pride one-shot and various Greatest Queer Hits from Marvel’s past, including “Northstar’s wedding, the debut of Aaron Fischer in United States of Captain Americaand more. ”

This feels like a huge missed opportunity, all things considered, given the wealth of queer characters whose stories have begun playing out across other series at Marvel. Instead of simply patting itself on the back for past moments and collections, why not, like DC, take the chance to put even more queer heroes in the spotlight with new tales and series? The X-Line alone is dying to give more queer mutants their time to shine on Krakoa, for example, but so far it seems like Marvel has a bit of a missed opportunity — one that especially stings given the recent missteps of its parent company.

Anyway, Marvel will also be offering the requisite Pride variant covers, which are yet to be revealed. Still, the huge disparity between the two companies’ Pride Day offerings makes it feel like DC is truly celebrating its LGBTQIA + creators and characters, while Marvel is merely acknowledging them. All these stories (and more) will start hitting shelves in June.

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