The Amazing Spider-Man Gets Help From One Of The MCU’s Next Major Heroes

Monica Rambeau, a popular hero from the MCU, joins the fight against the Beyond Corporation in a preview for the latest Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is calling on some help from Monica Rambeau, a major MCU character, in the latest “Beyond” edition of The Amazing Spider-Man.

In a preview for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man # 92.BEY, Monica Rambeau can be seen entering into Spider-Man, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing’s fight against the Beyond Corporation. The plot synopsis for the issue reads, “As ‘Beyond’ nears the end, all the chickens are coming home to roost… Wait, did someone just call Monica Rambeau a CHICKEN ?! Don’t let her hear you say that. But do pick up this book to see why! Do not miss this essential chapter with Monica and so much more! “

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Rambeau’s first appeared in the current Spider-Man run in The Amazing Spider-Man #78. Misty and Colleen just finished apprehending Morbius the Living Vampire when Monica shows up and demands an explanation. In The Amazing Spider-Man # 78.BEY, the three of them continue to communicate in private, suggesting there’s some sort of agreement in place between the heroes that involves taking down the Beyond Corporation.

Within the preview for The Amazing Spider-Man # 92.BEY, we see Monica called into physically the fight. She shows up at the Beyond Corporation’s front door, ready for whatever it might be waiting for her inside. Upon entering, Monica immediately finds a small army of nightmarish monsters waiting for her, including a demonic-looking snowman, a relatively cute wolf cub, a life-sized chicken wearing human clothes and more.

While she’s facing the monsters, Monica’s internal monologue also suggests some sort of reboot or change to her character. Rather than worrying about her public image or what other people think of her like she did when she was on the Avengers, she’s now simply here to get stuff done. “Goodbye, Captain Marvel,” she says to herself. “Hello, Auntie Monica.”

Monica Rambeau first appeared in 1982’s The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 16 by writer Roger Stern and artist John Romita Jr. Initially a lieutenant of the New Orleans Harbor Patrol, Monica gained superpowers when destroying a potential super-weapon created by a criminal scientist. She was introduced as the second Captain Marvel but has also operated under the aliases of Photon, Pulsar and Spectrum.

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In the MCU, Monica appears as a little girl in 2019’s Captain Marvel before taking on a more substantial role in 2021’s WandaVision, at which point she’s played by Teyonah Parris. Parris is set to reprise her role in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. “I do believe that we’re going to get more into it [Monica and Carol Danver’s[ relationship and what’s going on with those two,” Parris previously said about her role in the upcoming film.

The Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY comes from writers Jed MacKay, Cody Ziglar and Zeb Wells, artists Luigi Zagaria, Bruno Oliveira, Fran Galán and Mark Bagley, with Wayne Fáucher, color artists Espen Grundetjern, Carlos Lopez, Jim Campbell, Jim Charalampidis and Morry Hollowell and letterer VC’s Joe Caramanga, with cover art by Bagley and Brian Reber. Read the preview below.

The issue releases March 16 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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