Marvel Ushers in ‘Judgment Day’ Event

Marvel will bring together the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Eternals in its next big crossover event this summer, and they are starting things off with a prelude issue in June.

The big event will be writer Kieron Gillen and artist Valerie Schiti’s AX: Judgment Day, a six-issue limited series debuting in July (see “Preview: ‘Destiny of X’ – X-Title Covers for May”), but it will kick off with Gillen and artist Pasqual Ferry’s one-shot AX: Eve of Judgment # 1, slated for June 29 release with a cover by Carlos Pacheco. The event will tie together the big plot threads of the past few years: The X-Men discover immortality and find a home in Krakoa, the Eternals vow to eliminate the Deviants, and the vengers establish their base in a former Celestial. The action gets started when the Eternals learn that mutantkind and deviation are related, and they invade Krakoa, with the Avengers caught in the middle.


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