7 Actresses Who Would Be A Perfect Live Action Storm In The MCU

Storm’s impact on the legacy of Marvel is paramount. Since her introduction in Giant-Sized X-Men in May 1975, the character has cemented herself among the most iconic figures in comic book history. Beyond an impactful rise as a character, she is also known as one of the first black comic book characters ever. Born as Ororo Munroe, the daughter of a Kenyan tribal princess and an American photojournalist, Storm’s portrayal in various forms of Marvel media has made her a formidable mainstay.

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With the film and streaming success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there has been years-long speculation about Storm’s impending arrival and the actresses that would embody the character perfectly. Actresses Halle Berry spirit Alexandra Shipp have both portrayed the character in their respective right on film, and it’s exciting to fan-cast who’ll be the first of the MCU.

Ana Diop

Ana Diop

As gorgeous as she is talented, Ana Diop is a well-rounded actress who could bring great energy to a Storm portrayal. Having experience in the DC Universe as Starfire (Kory Anders), she has a prior range and understanding of what comes with embodying a figure of force within the comic genre realm.

Although her comic-related work is a plus, she has worked within the drama and horror fields that could give Storm great complexity and depth. Incredible battles with The Shadow King (Amahl Farouk) or Mr. Sinister on film with Diop is an exciting possibility.


Aja Naomi King

Aja Naomi King

Hearing the name Aja Naomi King alone sounds like a name that would be behind such an iconic role. Gaining prominence for roles in The Birth of a Nation spirit How To Get Away With MurderKing’s talents would shine brightly in Marvel’s world.

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Her work in A Girl from Mogadishu holds similarities to Storm’s origin story of escaping and surviving a war-like environment that would serve her well in the knowledge of the depiction. An MCU Disney + prequel series on Storm’s rise with King leading would be astounding.

Jayme Lawson

Jayme Lawson

Born in 1997, Lawson is a younger choice for Storm but would do an incredible job nonetheless. A rising star within Hollywood with an upcoming role in The Woman King and a recent portrayal as mayoral figure Bella Reál in DC’s The BatmanLawson would truly embody the character.

Storm’s wisdom has always been a prominent attribute of hers, and it is an element that Lawson naturally possesses as an actress. Watching Bella Reál command the city of Gotham during The Riddler’s reign of terror in Batman makes you wonder what power Lawson could bring to Marvel.

Michaela Coel

Michaela Coel

Heavy speculation has followed Michaela Coel as a potential Storm, and understandably so. Everything about this incredible actress screams Storm, and her joining the MCU would be mind-blowing. Although Coel has no prior comic book-related work in her acting past, her skill set as a multiple-time award-winning actress brings credibility.

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As an Omega-level mutant, Storm holds a natural strength and leadership among fellow mutants that Coel could deeply incorporate into her part. Storm’s storied history with Black Panther would also light an incredible match in Marvel with Coel’s portrayal, bringing eyesight to more storylines.

Yetide Badaki

Yetide Badaki

Nigerian-American actress Yetide Badaki in a Marvel environment would be a win for everyone. Having experience in a fantasy setting with American Gods as Bliquis, a goddess of love, makes her as a Storm possibility exhilarating.

Kevin Feige diving deep into Storm’s African rain goddess origin with Badaki as an MCU lead brings new insight into multiple layers of the character to explore. While we have seen Storm portrayed in various forms, fans getting a thorough breakdown of her manifestation of power would be tremendous.

Mouna Traoré

Mouna Troare

One photo search of Traoré online, and her beauty is reminiscent of classic Storm illustrations seen on comic book covers. While externally beautiful and regal, she’s incredibly talented – starring in The Umbrella Academy as Jill and a filmmaker in her own right.

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Traoré’s prior role experience as a Children of Destiny cult member in The Umbrella Academy series could even bring forth the introduction to Bloodstorm, a mutant vampire form of Storm. The MCU showcasing a horror-like element to Storm could introduce new-aged fans to something extraordinary.

Olunike Adeliyi

Olunike Adeliyi

Some fans may not be aware, but Storm was seen as such a leader among the X-Men that she sometimes stood in for Professor Xavier. Olunike Adeliyi‘s presence in her acting work is prominent and would bring a queen-like edge to her portrayal of Storm.

Seeing the success of impactful female characters like Scarlet Witch and Black Widow, having Adeliyi as a Marvel titan such as Storm would be an incredible inclusion. A centered film of Storm’s reign as the queen of Wakanda after her marriage to T’Challa would be suitable for an actress of Adeliyi’s caliber.

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