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Welcome back to another edition of Fantastic Five, where we give props to the best comics of the week! This week saw representation from Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. Let’s get to the books!

Batman: Beyond the White Knight # 1

If you’m a fan of Batman, Batman Beyond, Sean Murphy, or good comics with amazing visuals and storytelling, fire up your jet boots, extend those bat wings, and fly to your nearest comic shop immediately! But, seriously, do yourself a favor and pick up this Batman: Beyond the White Knight # 1 if you have not already. Sean Murphy’s work here is visual storytelling at its finest. His panels and sequences blend seamlessly together to create a gritty narrative tapestry that grabs you by the throat and never lets you go. Additionally, Dave Stewart’s colors do an excellent job conveying the tone of each sequence and giving life to Neo-Gotham.

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‘Batman: Beyond the White Knight’ # 1 is visual storytelling at its finest

Step by Bloody Step # 2

Step by Bloody Step # 2 is another masterpiece in this series. Each panel not only drives the story forward but makes its way into your heart as well. It’ll be interesting to see where the story takes our two main protagonists next and the dangers that await them. It’s amazing how a comic can leave such a lasting impression without saying a single word.

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‘Step by Bloody Step’ # 2 review

Spider-Woman # 21

Spider-Woman never tried to be anything more than action-heavy fun with a heavy dose of personality and it’s clear the creative team has pulled that off here and cranked it to 11. For the action aficionados, if you were paying by the punch, Spider-Woman # 21 is the best deal on shelves. It’s sad to see this series go, but it’s made itself heard loud and clear that comics can be fun, violent, and have a lot of heart.

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‘Spider-Woman’ # 21 is loud, violent, and fun

Amazing Spider-Man # 93

Amazing Spider-Man # 93 ends the five-month-long Beyond era with fewer conclusions and more new threads to develop. That’s not a bad thing, but it does make this more of a transition issue than a satisfying conclusion. There are a lot of good pieces that came out of this story and Ben Reilly ends up being a far more tragic character than even Peter Parker. For that reason, this issue and its ending are about as close to what Spider-Man comics are about as you can get, right down to an accidental transformation.

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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ # 93 is an end with new beginnings

The Swamp Thing # 11

The last few pages of this issue set up not only an exciting new threat, but the return of a character that the DC Universe has not seen in quite some time, not to mention a series of other teases for future issues. There are a few moments when this issue comes perilously close to feeling a tad overstuffed, but it also accomplishes the exceptional feat of getting readers up to speed, providing a compelling main story, and setting up the madness to come. It’s been a long wait, but I’m so glad The Swamp Thing is back.

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‘The Swamp Thing’ # 11 review: Sons and daughters

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