Marvel’s Avengers Get Stunning New Redesigns For Demon Wars

Peach Momoko’s newest Demon Wars miniseries by Marvel Comics will reimagine Avengers: Civil War but set in Japanese Folklore.

Warning! Spoilers Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai by Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Avengers are getting a traditional Japanese folklore twist in the newly announced Demon Wars: The Iron Samuraiwhere superstar artist Peach Momoko will redesign heroes and villains with new costumes in her fresh take on the Civil War event. This week, Marvel Comics revealed Momoko’s newest miniseries set in her reimagined Marvel universe, which will see the introduction of the Iron Samurai.

Peach Momoko is a relative newcomer to Marvel Comics, but in the span of a couple of years, she has become one of the most in-demand cover artists in the medium. The 2021 Esiner award winner for best cover artist, Momoko created her own reimagined version of the Marvel Universe in the Demon Days Saga. The stories showcased new versions of classic heroes, including Thor, Wolverine, and Psylocke, as her Japanese folklore-inspired tale featured demons, monsters, and mutants. Momoko’s breathtaking costume redesigns, art, and writing brought something incredibly bold and unique to Marvel. Now, the Momoko verse will expand into a new Avengers story retelling Civil War.

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Marvel Comics revealed Momoko’s next reimagining of the universe will tackle the Avengers’ Civil War event. The new four-issue series, Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai (co-scripted by Zack Davisson), will blend the world of Marvel with traditional Japanese folklore, while introducing new versions of popular heroes with redesigned costumes and appearances, including Iron Man (a sentient samurai armor), Captain America (a winged hero in a falcon mask), and Black Panther (a literal panther person). The story will feature Mariko Yashida getting caught in the middle of the war between creatures. Check out Momoko’s cover for Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai # 1 below.

Avengers Civil War

A second cover from Momoko’s take on Civil War provides a closer look at the choice Yoshida will have to make, as she approaches the sentine Iron Samurai and the winged Captain America creature. Interestingly, Carnage can be seen in the Demon Wars cover behind the Avengers. The preview teases he will be a “snakelike monster with a deadly appetite” which suggests a villainous role for the reimagined Marvel Comics symbiote.

Avengers Civil War

Peach Momoko’s reimagining of the Marvel Universe and its heroes and villains has been nothing short of spectacular thus far, so to see the writer / artist get a crack at the Avengers biggest conflict in Civil War is incredibly exciting. The redesigned costumes and characters look great as her trademark style continues to be incredibly striking. For readers who want to see Momoko’s take on the Avengers conflict, Demon Wars: The Iron Samurai arrives in comic book stores in July.

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