Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Accidentally Breaks Peter’s ‘No Killing’ Rule

While Insomniac makes sure that Marvel’s Spider-Man players are not able to kill, one gamer accidentally ends the lives of a group of prisoners.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is a beloved game for numerous reasons, one of which is how well it understands the character of Peter Parker. However, while his morals prevent him from killing, one Marvel’s Spider-Man fan accidentally found a way to murder a group of knocked out thugs.

This is challenging to do in Marvel’s Spider-Man, as Insomniac Games goes out of its way to prevent players from killing their enemies. For instance, if an enemy is knocked off a rooftop, they will be automatically webbed to the side of the building so that they do not fall to their death. However, explosions are a lot harder to control, and one fan accidentally let a car blow up a group of baddies that they had subdued in an earlier fight.


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In the clip posted by Redditor and Marvel’s Spider-Man of MORTIS77DEATH, several enemies can be seen webbed up around a crashed police truck. The player then carries out the QTE as normal, ripping off the door and pulling the trapped police officers from the wreckage. While he succeeds in swinging the cops to safety, fans get a good look at the explosion that goes off behind the friendly neighborhood hero. Not only were enemies scattered around the truck, but some were webbed to it – guaranteeing that they died to the explosion.

With the bodies seen crumbling to the ground, and the Redditor walking over to the scene of the crime, it’s hard to argue against the idea that Spider-Man was behind the crooks’ deaths. After all, it was the player that webbed them to the vehicle and ensured they could not move, so the lifeless bodies are their fault. In the comments, players jokingly defended Spider-Man and the player, with Redditor Lazy_Assumption saying that “the explosion killed them.” Others became J. Jonah Jameson, with Zumichan77 saying that the headline for Jameson’s story would be “masked menace commits arson on New Yorkers.”

With others claiming that the protective vests would have protected the enemies or saying that the enemies are just sleeping, gamers are clearly having fun with the clip. With the post receiving 3,700 upvotes, many seem to be entertained by Spidey’s slip-up. Though this incident does see Spidey getting a multi-kill, it’s not the only time fans have accidentally killed someone in Marvel’s Spider-Man. A clip that appeared a few years back saw a Redditor dropping a car on top of a civilian, showing that it is possible to break Spidey’s biggest rule if players are not careful.

While it remains to be seen if gamers will find ways to kill NPCs when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases, those playing the original game are still stumbling upon ways to do so. Based on this clip, perhaps Peter Parker is a menace after all.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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