Doctor Strange 2: Who is Chthon?

It’s hard not to be excited for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With all the rumored cameos swirling around the movie, there’s no telling who we’ll see in the highly anticipated MCU film. Based on the movie’s promotional materials, it looks like Stephen Strange will be dealing with some insane multiversal threats. More than that, the return of beloved MCU characters like Wong, Mordo, and The Scarlet Witch has audiences wondering who’s a friend and who, particularly in Scarlet Witch’s case, is a villain. Additionally, a recent teaser trailer for Doctor Strange 2 appears to be introducing a new character: Chthon.


A strange cosmic force and brother to the Elder Goddess Gaea, Chthon is considered to be Earth’s first dark magician. He has a long history with the rest of the Gods in Marvel Comics, and his forbidden knowledge is inscribed on a series of indestructible parchments known as the Darkhold. This minister of the underworld has a complex past with Wanda Maximoff and Stephen Strange, so we’re curious to see where he’ll tie into the story. Let’s break down Chthon’s character and talk about the role he might play in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Who is Chthon?

Chthon Marvel
Via: Marvel Comics

According to Marvel Comics, Chthon has been around since the creation of Earth itself. As a member of the Elder Gods who first seeded the planet with sentient life, he revered as one of the most powerful cosmic forces alongside Gaea, Set, and Oshtur. Billions of years after the birth of humanity, these Elder Gods fell into a state of corruption and waged war on one another, degenerating into fearsome demons in the process. Gaea remained uncorrupted and gave birth to Atum, a god who would later gain the title of God-Eater as he ventured across the planet slaying and absorbing demons. Chthon was able to flee before the God-Eater could defeat him, and he created the Flickering Realms dimension (also known as the Other-Realm) as his own safe haven. However, Chthon left one piece of himself etched into the walls of Mount Wundagore in Transia: the Darkhold, a compilation of all his arcane knowledge on indestructible parchment. This remained hidden on Earth as Chthon’s permanent link back to the human world. Fans will have seen the Darkhold in the MCU on multiple occasions, most recently (and importantly) in WandaVision.

Does Chthon Have Powers?

Chthon the Chaos God
Via: Marvel Comics

Being an Elder God means Chthon is immensely powerful; he’s known as the God of Chaos and is thought to be the original master of both Black and Chaos Magic. From creating new realms to warping reality, this insanely powerful Elder God has an impressive arsenal of abilities. He can even possess a mortal body if certain rituals are performed, albeity he can only transfer incredibly small amounts of his power to these hosts. His knowledge spans nearly from the beginning of time, and he can use his own mysticism as a medium to travel between dimensions. His magic is potent enough that almost any mortal human is likely to succumb to it, although individuals with unparalleled mental and spiritual strength (like Doctor Strange) can resist.

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Marvel Studios

The Scarlet Witch has an aggressive, repetitive history with the God of Chaos in the comics. Chthon has attempted to return to Earth several times, but his efforts have been consistently snuffed out by generations of superheroes. In recent history, he was driven back into submission by the Knights of Wundagore, who forced him to flee to the Flickering Realms once again. Before departing, Chthon managed to touch a newborn girl and mark her as a vessel for his imminent return – this little girl was none other than Wanda Maximoff.

During her first real taste of combat, in the comics, Wanda battled against Taboo and Damballah, unleashing her powers for the first time. In doing so, she gave Chthon the means to travel back into the Earth dimension. Later, Modred (an ancient mystic who long fought to benevolently control the Darkhold) succumbed to the God of Chaos and captured Wanda. Following a mystical ritual, Chthon possessed her body and used her as an earthbound vessel. The Avengers and her adopted father Django were able to cast Chthon out, though this was not the last time he would attempt to latch onto her. Sometime later, Chthon managed to break free from Mount Wundagore yet again, and this time Loki stepped forward to combat him – disguised as the Scarlet Witch, he helped rebuild the Mighty Avengers to fend Chthon off. The God of Chaos then possessed Quicksilver’s body, though the Avengers forced him out and bound him within the Darkhold.

Marvel Studios

The real Scarlet Witch would be possessed by Chthon yet again during his reign of terror over the United States, and she relied on Doctor Strange to overpower him. During their most recent encounter, Chthon opened a path between earth and the Other-Realm, allowing himself to freely move between the two in his true form. Under the guise of working with Doctor Doom, Wanda fused with the Darkhold and used her amplified power to absorb the Elder God, sealing him away. She made it clear that her death would release Chthon yet again, and his status since the events of the Hellfire Gala is currently unknown.

The latest teaser for Doctor Strange 2 appears, to many, to have given us a glimpse of Chthon possibly making his MCU debut. Not much is known about the film, of course, but it’s clear that Wanda is in possession of the Darkhold, as she was last seen studying it in WandaVision‘s post-credits scene, and we know that she’s growing even more powerful. Even Agatha Harkness’ warning to Wanda, when she fully became The Scarlet Witch, hinted at something evil being unlocked. Only time will tell whether Chthon really is in Doctor Strange 2.


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