Jamie Bell Talks Possible Return As The Thing In MCU’s Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is Marvel’s famous family, and many fans are awaiting the upcoming revitalization of the iconic Marvel superhero team. The heroes are in fact coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but how soon or who will play the characters is completely a secret to everyone.

Fantastic Four has had two iterations on the silver screen, so this upcoming version will be the third. It’s very possible that the team of heroes are already alive in the current MCU timeline but just have not yet received their powers, or they will come in from another universe. The comedic scene at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home that revealed the Avengers do not exist in every universe has implications about other heroes or villains not existing in other universes. This includes The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and other superhero teams, who may not exist in the MCU just yet.


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Despite this fact, The Fantastic Four will be joining the MCU in the future, and ComicBook recently caught up with Jamie Bell, who played The Thing in the recent reboot. When asked about the possibility of returning as The Thing, the actor went on to say, “I do not think anyone wants to see that, to be honest. I’m excited for it. I can not wait to see that, for that to come to life. I can not wait to see that movie done, fully realized in that Kevin Feige way, it’s going to be fantastic. ” No pun intended but many would agree that the way Feige is going to handle these heroes will be nothing short of amazing.

Fantastic Four Josh Trank

If Norman Osborn and his family aren’t in the MCU, then there’s a possibility that characters like the Fantastic Four do not exist in the universe either, and it will take a major event to bring them into the same world as the Avengers. Marvel Studios is using the multiverse theory as a creative way to avoid the daunting task of putting every single character from the comics into live-action films. However, Doctor Strange 2 is rumored to be the film that brings characters from past film franchises into the MCU.

It’s great to see Bell looking at this in a positive light. It was recently revealed that there were creative differences with the recent Fantastic Four film, as the writer tried to write the reboot as if it were an MCU film, but director Josh Trank did not want to do that. Despite that, it seems like everyone is ready for another movie from the famous superhero team.

It’s unfortunate that the recent adaptation of The Fantastic Four was not received well, but it looks like fans are very much open to another rendition of the famous team. An all-new MCU version of the popular characters is just what the franchise needs, as they have yet to be portrayed in a light that reflects the storytelling that comic book fans are familiar with, especially when it comes to Doctor Doom, as he has been done wrong in every single live-action version.

Fantastic Four is in development at Marvel Studios.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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