Wolverine’s Many Deaths Are Leaving Adamantium Everywhere

The following contains spoilers for X-Men # 10, now on sale from Marvel Comics

Ever since the X-Men separated from the human race and identified themselves as a distinct species and country, the Marvel Universe has slowly undergone massive changes. Since their unveiling, the Mutant nation has terraformed Mars into the planet Arrako, cured most major diseases, created advanced gateway portals and even reversed the effects of death. While these feats are groundbreaking, there is one in particular that has a small but crucial flaw that could prove disastrous in the future.

The resurrection process on Krakoa involves five Mutants banding together to create a new cloned body. Afterwards, Professor X implants backup memories that are constantly updated to the clone, effectively producing a nearly perfect duplicate of the lost mutant. That said, the bodies of fallen X-Men are rarely, if ever, recovered. While this is mostly meant to be used as a last resort, the various mutant teams have more readily faced deadly situations now that they have a way to reverse the worst possible outcome. But for mutants like Wolverine, there is an inherent value in the bodies left behind.

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X-Men talking with Wolverine
X-Men talking with Wolverine

X-Men # 10 (by Gerry Duggan, Javier Pina, Marte Gracia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) featured the team spying on the Orchis moon base of Phobos from a computer screen. While scouring the terrain, Laura Kinney noticed an Adamantium signature that spurred Jean Gray to reveal that Wolverine had left a number of adamantium skeletons behind in his previous attempts to infiltrate the organization. In fact, she even jokingly says that Orchis should now have enough of the metal to make a hall full of Wolverines. Although her response was meant to be somewhat dismissive, her words have brought to light a terrifying truth that may foretell dangerous times for the Mutants.

In the past, Adamantium has been regarded as one of the most rare and powerful metals on Earth. However, with Wolverine’s bodies littered throughout various locations and seemingly no protocol in place for retrieval, Orchis and other enemies could easily find nefarious uses for such a valuable commodity.

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X-Men resurrection
X-Men resurrection

As of now, very few people outside of Krakow are aware of the X-Men’s resurrection protocols. However, enemies other than Orchis are sure to realize how valuable the discarded bodies of certain mutants can be. With his very skeleton comprised of one of the strongest metals on Earth, Wolverine could easily have the metal on one or more of his corpses melted down and used to create new, virtually indestructible Sentinels.

Wolverine’s bodies also allude to a larger issue: the bodies of other mutants that have been left behind on various missions. While death is not a concern, life has only gotten more dangerous. Now, enemies as macabre as Mr.Sinister have the option of tracking down these corpses and utilizing their DNA to create new and even more dangerous lifeforms.

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