10 Toughest Characters Namor Beat In The Comics

Namor the Submariner is Marvel’s Avenging Son, the Scion of Atlantis, and a character most other figures in the Marvel Universe have a hard time getting along with. One of the company’s first creations, the arrogant antihero has remained a fixture in Marvel’s stable for the better part of a century.

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Whether because of his longevity, his centrality to the politics of the Marvel Universe, or just his general hardheadedness, Namor has a long history of battles in the Marvel Universe. With his tenacity and royal strength, Namor has brought down some of the heaviest hitters in the 616.

10 Battle For The Crown: Namor Against Attuma

Namor vs Attuma Tales to Astonish

A barbarian warlord and fierce fighter, Attuma is a classic enemy of Namor. Upon hearing of an ancient Atlantean prophecy that claimed a member of Attuma’s tribe, the Skarka, would take the throne of Atlantis by force, Attuma has continuously pursued the crown of the underwater kingdom at any cost.

An instance of this occurred in Tales to Astonish # 88, when Attuma led the forces of his barbarian hordes to conquer Atlantis. Upon breaching the city, he was confronted by Namor. The two joined in battle, but Namor quickly prevailed, taking out the aquatic villain in just a few hits.

9 Fire Under Water: Namor Vs Red Hulk

Namor vs Red Hulk - Marvel Comics

The Red Hulk is the monstrous identity of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who, after years of hunting the Hulk, turned himself into one to best his foe. Ross holds immense power as the Red Hulk, and he’s beaten both Hulk and Thor with his intense heat powers and great physical strength.

When Red Hulk learns of a plot to vaporize the world’s oceans in Hulk Volume 2 # 27, he teams up with Namor to stop the plan. However, Namor is ambushed by a series of sea monsters. Thinking himself betrayed by Ross, he quickly beats the brute back to the surface, ultimately saying that his presence pollutes the ocean.

8 Former Friends Feud: Namor Douses Jim Hammond

Jim Hammond vs. Namor Alex Ross

Jim Hammond, like Namor, is one of the few Marvel characters who’ve successfully rolled over from the Golden Age of Comics into the present. An android created with the abilities of flight and pyrokinesis, Hammond fought alongside Namor and Captain America as a part of the Invaders in World War 2.

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In the World War Namor crossover, Jim Hammond confronts Namor about his newly-rediscovered desire to take over the world. The battle showed how the original Human Torch was no match for the King of the Sea, as Namor decapitated his former friend and left Hammond’s head to be rescued by Tony Stark.

7 Fantastic Force: Namor Vs The Super Skrull

Namor vs Super Skrull

Kl’rt, the Super Skrull, is a cosmically-powerful foe who holds the enhanced, combined powers of the Fantastic Four as well as those of an average Skrull. The Super Skrull has faced a variety of classic Marvel characters in battle including Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and of course, The Fantastic Four.

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In 1991’s Namor The Sub Mariner # 18, Kl’rt is revealed to be posing as Iron Fist. He demands Namor’s surrender in exchange for the life of his cousin, Namorita. In true Namor fashion, the Crown Prince of Atlantis assaults the villain and destroys his various doomsday machines, chasing him away from the scene of the battle.

6 Magic Against Might: Namor Finishes Master Khan

Namor Punches Master Khan in Marvel Comics

Master Khan was an accomplished sorcerer in the Marvel Universe, and one who could command the mystic power of entities such as Cyttorak, the Faltine, and Bishru. His true skill lay in manipulation, often pitting heroes against each other to gain ever more wealth and power.

In one such manipulation, he hypnotized the Super-Skrull into posing as Iron Fist. When Namor uncovered the ruse, Khan brainwashed the Submariner into a “savage” version of himself. When he recovered, Namor hunted down the villain and violently assaulted him, ripping his head from the villain’s body.

5 Fearsome Fins: Namor Takes Out Tiger Shark

Namor vs Tiger Shark

Todd Arliss was an Olympic swimmer who suffered a debilitating spine injury. When mad scientist Dr. Dorcas used both Namor and shark DNA to help with Arliss’s recovery, neither Dorcas nor Arliss knew that the swimmer would transform into the brutal, insane Tiger Shark. Since then, Tiger Shark has gone on to menace a variety of foes across the Marvel Universe.

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In The Submariner # 5-6, Dorcas completes his experiment on Arliss. Namor and Tiger Shark instantly come to blows, trashing Dorcas’ lab and bursting through the wall into the nearby ocean. Namor tracks him to Atlantis, ultimately beating Tiger Shark into submission in the royal throne room.

4 Avengers Vs X-Man: Namor Knocks Out She-Hulk and Luke Cage

Namor Hits She-Hulk With Luke Cage Avengers Vs X-men AvX

When the Phoenix Force was spotted heading towards Earth, the X-Men sought to welcome it while the Avengers wanted to stop it. The two teams are put on a collision course as various members are sent around the globe to find the potential host of the Phoenix Force.

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While helping the X-Men, Namor encounters the super-strong She-Hulk, the invulnerable Luke Cage, and the rock-skinned Thing. Namor brings Cage underwater, knocking him out via asphyxiation. Namor then takes out She-Hulk, partially using Cage’s body as a club. As he squares off with the Thing, Namor is teleported away by Magik.

3 Seas Against Stars: Namor Stops The Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer vs Namor

The Sentinel of the Spaceways, Norrin Radd, has been a long-time ally of Namor’s, serving with him on the original incarnation of the Defenders. The two have rejoined in many Defenders reunions since – the Surfer’s power cosmic pairing well with the Atlantean’s aquatic might.

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In 1971’s Sub-Mariner # 34, Namor discovers a machine that can control the Earth’s weather. In a decidedly-heroic turn, Namor seeks to enlist the Surfer’s aid in destroying it. However, Namor approaches the Silver Surfer by yanking him into the ocean. The two battle to a near-standstill before Namor convinces the Surfer of his cause.

2 Competing Conquerors: Namor Vs Magneto

Magneto vs Namor Kirby Silver Age

In the Silver Age, Magneto was a decidedly more villainous character, seeking to create a world ruled by mutants. Upon hearing of Namor’s return to the surface world, he sought to have the Atlantean mutant join his cause of global domination, which is something Namor intially accepts.

After a battle with the X-Men in X-Men # 6, Namor becomes repulsed by Magneto’s treatment of the Scarlet Witch and attempts to leave. Magneto attacks him but Namor brushes him off and destroys the Master of Magnetism’s giant magnet, foiling his attempt to take over the globe.

1 Titanic Takedown: Namor Vs Hulk

Namor Vs Hulk - Marvel Comics

Much like the Silver Surfer, the Hulk has been an ally of Namor since the late ’60s. Much like Namor, the Hulk of this era was as much a dangerous antihero as he was a true hero, often going on rampages that devastated communities and put him at odds with the heroes of the time.

After being found unconscious by Namor’s duplicitous ally, Lady Dorma, Bruce Banner is brought back to Atlantis. Upon seeing an altercation between Namor and Dorma, Banner hulks out and begins fighting the prince. Namor eventually gains the upper hand when he punches Hulk out of the water so hard that, upon landing, the beast transforms back into Bruce Banner.

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