Blade’s Strongest Form Gives Him the Powers of Marvel’s Darkest Heroes

Blade’s strongest form takes him way beyond his normal vampiric power level after he is cursed with the powers of Marvel Comics’ darkest heroes.

While Blade has committed most of his life to hunting down the dark creatures in Marvel Comics, his strongest form actually turns him into one after he absorbed the powers of Marvel’s darkest heroes. Throughout his career, Blade has shown that he is more than just a vampire hunter. Blade has been a part of a number of groups including the Midnight Sons, Nightstalkers, MI: 13, and even the Avengers, and while Blade was on those teams he committed himself to fighting the forces of evil in whatever form it may take, be it supernatural, extraterrestrial or otherwise. During one of his team-up missions, however, Blade became the very thing he hunted by siphoning the power of some of his closest allies.


In Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance # 13 by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert, Ghost Rider is facing off against a super-charged Blade who had already drained the power and life force from Morbius, Werewolf By Night, Johnny Blaze, and Demogoblin to name a few. This occurred during Blade’s time on the supernatural team organized by Doctor Strange known as the Nightstalkers.

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Blade is cursed with this power after he reads from the lost pages of the Darkhold, and in this issue he has become so corrupt that he is working to destroy the entirety of the Darkhold so that his dark transformation could never be reversed. After draining the darkest heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, Blade becomes something unrecognizable. His demonic powers are matched only by his new look, one with a flaming, melted face, pincers for hands, razor sharp teeth and a long, sinister tongue. In this demonic form, Blade becomes completely invulnerable, so much so that when Ghost Rider became the last line of defense between him and the Darkhold, Blade is able to kill and absorb even the Spirit of Vengeance, though moments afterwards, his corrupted mind was assuredly filled with regret.

Blade's strongest form is also his darkest.

After Blade assimilated Ghost Rider into his dark new form, the Spirit of Vengeance ravaged his body from the inside, making Blade experience a debilitating pain akin to the Penance Stare. With Ghost Rider’s attack from beyond the grave, Blade is vanquished, though not before proving how insanely powerful he had become.

Even though Ghost Rider destroyed the corrupted Blade, returning him to his original self as well as restoring everyone Blade previously absorbed, the Daywalker was still able to pull off something almost no one else has. Blade is powerful enough to actually kill Ghost Rider, a feat even the most cosmically powerful entities can not do. While it went against everything the vampire hunter stands for, Blade reached a near unparalleled level of power by absorbing Marvel Comics‘darkest heroes.

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