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Back when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was an experiment, Captain America: The First Avenger introduced audiences to Captain America, aka Steve Rogers. After his World War II adventures, he would spend the rest of his journey in the modern day with the other Avengers before passing his shield off to Sam Wilson to take over the mantle.

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With nine appearances in the MCU, two of which were cameos, Steve’s life was pretty well documented. Letterboxd shared their opinions on the various films that Captain America appeared in.

9 Thor: The Dark World (2013) – 2.5 / 5

Chris Evans as Loki in Thor The Dark World

The second Thor film, Thor: The Dark World saw the return of the Dark Elves when the Reality Stone called to them. Jane Foster stumbles onto the stone first and gets infected by prompting Thor to take her to Asgard for protection. When the Dark Elves attack, killing Thor’s mother, Thor breaks Loki out of prison to go to the Dark World and end this once and for all.

On their way out of the dungeon, Loki decides to disguise himself as various people in Thor’s life, including Captain America, in a moment played by Chris Evans. Unfortunately Thor: The Dark World is often considered to be the worst of the MCU franchise, and Reddit certainly has some opinions, but many Letterboxd users point to the hilarious cameo by Chris Evans as a high mark.

8 Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) – 3.1 / 5

Captain America Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron picks up with the main Avengers team trying to take down a Hydra base where Loki’s scepter is being held. Once they receive it, Tony and Bruce begin developing the AI ​​known as Ultron. When Ultron launches an attack on the world, the Avengers need to team up with some new allies to take him down before he can destroy the world.

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While it does not get the same love as its predecessor, it does have its fans. One thing most people like about Avengers: Age of Ultron is the character interplay, especially since the character groundwork had already been laid out by the previous entry. Unfortunately, it does not help the movie for the majority and it sits as a pretty lackluster entry for Captain America.


7 Captain America: The First Avengers (2011) – 3.3 / 5

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America The First Avenger

Before the Avengers could unite on screen, Marvel had to introduce their leader, Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers is recruited by the SSR to undergo an experiment that will turn him into the world’s first super-soldier. It’s successful and with the help of his Howling Commandoes, he launches an attack on Hydra and their leader the Red Skull.

Letterboxd users feel that the introduction to Captain America was mostly a success. It commits to its pulpy tone and includes some colorful side characters. Chris Evans was an immediate success as the new hero and while this is not considered his best, he immediately became a fan favorite. Even though Steve and Peggy do end up together, their final moments in the film are one of the worst things to happen to a couple in the MCU.

6 Captain America: Civil War (2016) – 3.6 / 5

Captain America has a new team of Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. When the government wants to register the heroes so they answer to them, Zemo decides to launch an attack to tear the Avengers apart from the inside. Between the Sokovia Accords and Zemo’s plan, Captain America and Iron Man end up at odds with each other.

There’s quite a lot going on for a “solo” movie about Captain America. While he and Iron Man do get the emotional arcs of the movie, most users point out a lack of logic in Zemo’s plan. Ultimately, it’s fun to see all these characters together but many people felt the film begins to lose focus until the final act.

5 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – 3.6 / 5

Captain America appears in another cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The first solo Spider-Man film set within the MCU has the gym teacher of the film showing a few videos of Captain America. The gag even continues into the post-credit scene.

Not much can be said about Captain America in this film since he’s pretty much less than a cameo, but it was a fun bit of world-building that helped the new Spider-Man film feel like it lived in the world. Spider-Man: Homecoming gets most of its love for its John Hughes type tone and a great performance from Michael Keaton as The Vulture.

4 The Avengers (2012) – 3.7 / 5

chris evans captain america first MCU avengers movie

The Avengers sees Loki, one of the best villains who would become a hero in the franchise, come to Earth under the orders of Thanos to steal the Tesseract, and in return, the Chitari will help Loki enslave the planet. Nick Fury begins recruiting the various heroes to form a team that could fight back against Loki. After the death of Phil Coulson, the Avengers unite in New York under the shadow of Stark Tower to save the planet.

Seeing Captain America, Iron Man and Thor come together for the first time was a dream come true for so many. In fact, there are a number of Letterboxd reviews that claim The Avengers as their Star Wars. While the film does rely on Iron Man for a lot of it, most people have appreciated that Captain America is the main point of view character.

3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) – 3.8 / 5

Captain America has joined SHIELD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When Fury is almost killed by the Winter Soldier, Captain America becomes a fugitive from SHIED He and Natasha discover that SHIELD has actually been Hydra the entire time and the Winter Soldier is none other than Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s best friend from World War II.

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Considered to be the best of the Captain America trilogy because of how unique it feels from the rest of the MCU. The Russo Brothers put Captain America in a spy thriller and really nailed his character. There’s a lot to love in this film, from the action to the story to the twists and turns.

2 Avengers: Endgame (2019) – 3.9 / 5

Chris Evans as Old Steve Rogers in Avengers Endgame

Avengers: Endgame followed up from Avengers: Infinity War and saw five years pass on Earth since the remaining Avengers killed Thanos for wiping out half the population of the universe. When Scott Land returns from the Quantum Realm, he believes it can be used to travel back in time and retrieve the stones to bring everyone who was lost back.

For the end of the Infinity Saga, expectations were never higher, but luckily, most people on Letterboxd agree that the movie works really well. Its time travel mechanic may be a hot debate but the time heist was fun and it certainly earned its fan service moments. While there are a few that do not agree, seeing Captain America get a happy ending was well worth the wait.

1 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – 4.0 / 5

Thanos is finally going to complete his mission of uniting the Infinity Stones and wiping out half of all life in the universe. When he comes to Earth the scattered heroes have to unite behind Captain America in Wakanda to stop him from achieving his ultimate goal.

The word masterpiece likes to be thrown around when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, and that’s not just because of Captain America’s beard. Seeing Captain America return with his secret Avengers to Wakanda and fight intergalactic aliens was almost everything people could have asked for.

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