Fantastic Four’s Most Powerful Hero Can Destroy Mephisto in Seconds

Franklin Richards is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, so powerful that he can actually destroy Mephisto in seconds.

The Fantastic Four’s most powerful hero, Franklin Richardscan destroy the villain Mephisto in a matter of seconds. As perhaps the ultimate embodiment of evil in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is one of its most powerful entities, but as seen during John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Fourhe cowers before an even more powerful being: Franklin Richards, the super-powered son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

It has been speculated Franklin Richards is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, possessing seemingly unlimited powers, including the ability to rewrite reality. Such power in the hands of a child is a terrifying prospect, and in a bid to give their son some semblance of a normal life, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman relocated to the suburbs of Connecticut, attempting to pass themselves off as normal, everyday people. Their best attempts went awry, and as seen in 1985’s Fantastic Four # 276, written and illustrated by John Byrne, they attracted the attention of a neighborhood busy body, who were convinced Reed and Sue were “witches.” The neighbor hired Elspeth Cromwell, a witch hunter who was able to use dark magic without being corrupted by it; Cromwell would unleash an attack on the Richards’ and in the process, injured Franklin. The spilling of innocent blood summoned the actual source of Cromwell’s powers: Mephisto!


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In the following issue, Mephisto imprisoned the Richards in his domain, subjecting them to intense torture; he placed a sleeping Franklin into a special, diamond-like cage. And, Mephisto’s return to Earth attracted the attention of Doctor Strange, who came to the aid of the Richards. Strange sensed Mephisto was apprehensive about Franklin, that he was keeping him prisoner for a reason. Strange and the Richards freed Franklin from his prison; Mephisto prepares to strike the boy, but Franklin, eyes glowing, hits him with an energy blast, one powerful enough to seriously hurt Mephisto. Franklin hits him with a blast again, which utterly annihilates the villain.

Franklin Richards destroys Mephisto

Since his first appearance, Franklin Richards has been depicted as an innocent with the powers of a god, and here he was able to literally defeat a devil. Franklin’s exact power levels have fluctuated over the years. He famously ordered Galactus around during Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four; his ability to manipulate reality was crucial in saving the lives of his family, as well as the Avengers, in the original Heroes Reborn event. Mephisto himself is immensely powerful, but even he was no match for Franklin Richards. What is also worth noting is Mephisto was in his own realm, where he is arguably the most powerful, when Franklin destroyed him. Of course, Mephisto would return later, but Doctor Strange notes this is one of the few times Mephisto has tasted total defeat. Currently, Franklin Richards is powerless, having used the last of his powers to restore the multiverse; however, there have been hints his powers may return one day.

Mephisto is currently making moves across the Marvel Universe, as seen most recently in last year’s Heroes Reborn (no relation to the original) event. If the Fantastic Four‘s Reed and Sue’s son Franklin Richard’s powers return any time soon, then the villain may be in for a tougher go of it than he anticipated.

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