Hayley Atwell shares new look at Mission: Impossible 7 costume

Hayley Atwell, who is well known for playing quite a famous spy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has shared a new look at her Mission: Impossible 7 character.

We do not know anything about her role in the film, but we’re even more intrigued now that she’s tweeted a photo of herself in costume, because it’s … Quite Something.

The Christopher Robin actress shared a snap of herself looking like she’s draped head-to-toe in golden tinfoil, writing: “Having all the fun at the fair in the Mission: Impossible costume department. It’s worth the wait, good people …………… “.

Well, at least you would not lose sight of her on the ski slopes, would you?

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Atwell has previously spoken about her character in very vague terms, stating back in 2019 on the Light the Fuse podcast that: “There’s ambiguity… the interesting thing we’re exploring is her resistance to a situation she finds herself in.

“How she starts off, where she becomes. The journey of what she comes into and what is asked of her and potentially where she ends up.”

Director Christopher McQuarrie added that: “For Hayley to exist in a franchise where other women had come and made statements, we said ‘well it can not be like that.’ We do not want Hayley to be a repeat of any character that’s come before.

“What’s left? What’s unique and what’s new …? Hayley had, specifically an energy with Tom. It’s not a vibe, it’s literally a vibration. You felt it and you were like, ‘I do not know what to make of this person ‘. “

hayley atwell attends 'behind the scenes of agent carter' qa

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Mission: Impossible 7 definitely will not be the end of the franchise, as M: I 8 has been confirmed. However, the eighth film, which was originally planned to film back-to-back with the seventh, might serve as Tom Cruise’s swansong.

Mission: Impossible 7 currently has a scheduled release date of July 14, 2023.

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