One Ghost Rider Villain is Pure Nightmare Fuel

After Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze split and became two separate vigilantes, Blaze faces off against an evil villain that is complete nightmare fuel.

While Ghost Rider‘s villains are known for being some of the most horrifying in all of Marvel Comics, as they are more often than not literal demons, one of them stands above the rest as pure, unparalleled nightmare fuel. Considering that Ghost Rider himself is one of Marvel’s scariest characters, as a flaming skull imbued with the power of Hell, this is no small task.

In the Marvel Comics series Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance, Ghost Rider and his alter ego, Johnny Blaze, have separated and are now two different entities. This change in dynamic does not hurt their vigilante relationship, however, but actually enhances it. Instead of Blaze allowing Ghost Rider to take over his body to stop whatever villain they go up against, he is able to fight right alongside the demonic force of vengeance. The only downside to this, however, is that Johnny Blaze finds himself way more vulnerable when in the face of evil as Ghost Rider isn’t constantly around to protect him, and that fact almost means death for Blaze.


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In Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance # 11 by Larry Hama and Vince Giarrano, Johnny Blaze is taking some down time for himself after the events of the last few issues during which he and his allies were bombarded by demonic attacks. This is when he comes face-to-face with Ghost Rider’s most disgustingly terrifying villain to date. While resting in a motel, Blaze is attacked by the spider demon Shelob who eventually captures Blaze and shows him the horrifying method she plans on using to end his life. As exhibited in front of Blaze, Shelob captures innocent people, paralyzes them, liquifies their insides and sucks them dry. She then wears the human’s skin like a suit in order to blend in and hunt for her next victim without causing alarm. To make her existence even more nightmare-inducing, Shelob attacks her enemies while wearing her human suit by shooting green webs out of her mouth, creating a truly unnatural and disturbing visual.

Ghost Rider's grossest villain is pure nightmare fuel.

While Shelob’s methods of feeding and camouflage are incredibly gruesome, they are nothing to how she procreates, something which she had in store for Johnny Blaze. Shelob planned on laying her eggs inside his body after liquifying his insides, allowing them to feed on the previous host of Ghost Rider for the best demonic sustenance she could hope for. While being paralyzed and eaten by a demonic spider is terrifying, having tons of demon spider babies growing inside of and eating one’s insides is a truly nightmarish fate.

Luckily for Johnny, he was not left totally defenseless after Ghost Rider parted from his body. While definitely more vulnerable than he once was, Blaze still had some hellfire inside of him even without the full presence of Ghost Rider, and he was able to weaponize that power through the use of a special shotgun he carried with him at all times. With this weapon, and the eventual assistance of Ghost Rider, Blaze was able to fight off Shelob. However, the countless victims the demon spider collected during her time on Earth were not so lucky as they experienced, defenseless, the full might of the pure nightmare fuel of this Ghost Rider villain.

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