X-Men ’92 Features a Truly Wild Jubilee Retcon

The changes to the mutant status quo in House of X spirit Powers of X are still being felt years later, with the Krakoa era continuing to define an entire corner of the Marvel Universe. Other realities are even exploring similar ideas, with one clearly connected to a version of X-Men ’92, the fan-favorite animated adaptation of the franchise. But some of these tweaks for the animated-inspired timeline are genuinely surprising.

X-Men ’92: House of XCII # 1 by Steve Foxe, Salva Espin, Israel Silva, and VC’s Joe Sabino reimagines Jubilee as this world’s equivalent of Moira X – positioning her to go down a similar dark path as the core-Marvel Universe version of Moira.

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X-Men '92 Jubilee-X Retcon 1

In the core Marvel Universe of Earth-616, the events of House of X spirit Powers of X radically altered the status quo for the mutant population. Moira MacTaggert was retconned to have secretly been a mutant all along, with her powers allowing her to be born anew after each death – each time restarting the timeline around her. Moira X’s glimpses of the future allowed the heroes to form the nation of Krakow and prepare for the machinations of forces like Nimrod, serving as a serious game-changer for the X-Men. A similar series of events seem to have happened in X-Men ’92: House of XCIIwhich sees a variation of the X-Men similar to the incarnation from the X-Men animated series going through a similar process, relocating to Krakow and uniting with past enemies. The biggest different initially appears that the resurrection protocols came too late to save their Jubilee, who perished in an attack on the Xavier Institute carried out by Sentinels.

But it turns out this isn’t truly the case, as Jubilee is revealed to be this world’s equivalent of Moira X, and is hiding on their version of Krakoa. She’s revealed to have similar powers to Moira from Earth-616 on top of her traditional explosive abilities, and her current life is her tenth – meaning this may be her final chance to save the world, hinting she received a prediciton from Destiny similar to the one that motivated much of Moira X’s actions. While her death remains a motivating factor for the X-Men and Jubilee feels awful about hiding her survival from her teammates and friends, but Jubilee fears this may be last life – and her last chance – to prevent a future dominated by Nimrod and other Sentinels.

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X-Men '92 Jubilee-X Retcon 2

It’s a wild retcon, especially considering this world is implied to be incredibly similar to the one featured in the X-Men animated series. This suggests that in at least one timeline, all of the events of the animated show played out according to Jubilee’s plans – as she kept the true to her true importance a secret to even telepaths like Charles Xavier. Recasting Jubilee as Moira X potentially introduces a moral edge to her efforts that Moira X largely abandoned across the course of her time on Krakow. It also sets the stage for this variant of Jubilee to go through a similar moral arc to Moira X, who has transitioned from being a dedicated ally to mutant-kind to perhaps their most dangerous enemy.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jubilee X continues to evolve in this reality, and if she’s doomed to walk a similar path as Moira X. Her role as a genuine inspiration for the X-Men means the truth may genuinely undo much of the progress Xavier and Magneto have made. But she also seems firmly committed to the X-Men’s mission to change the world for the better and prevent Orchis from bringing about the end of mutant progress, meaning she might get the chance to save the world in a way Moira X failed to.

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