Moon Knight’s New Weapon Perfects the MCU’s Mirror Dimension

Moon Knight’s new base of operations has some neat tricks only Marc Spector can pull out, trumping one of the MCU’s best environmental weapons

Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight # 10 ahead!

The Fist of Vengeance in Marvel Comics, Moon Knight, has a new base of operations, and the tricks he can pull within it make it better than Doctor Strange’s Mirror Dimension featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After losing his home base in a dramatic bombing, Moon Knight was in need of new office space. The one he found, however, is far more powerful than an average workplace.

In Moon Knight # 10, by Jed Mackay and Alessandro Cappuccio, Marc Spector makes the most of a tough situation involving the base of operations for his nightlife protection service, the Midnight Mission. After losing his previous office to a bombing by the murderous villain Zodiac, Moon Knight and his small crew were in need of a new place to work from. Luckily for Marc, he encountered the House of Shadows, a mysterious entity from a different dimension that is capable of trapping people within. After being spit out by the House when it made contact with Marc’s mind, he returned to release the other people trapped inside, striking a deal with the strange being. In exchange for leaving other humans alone, Moon Knight has made the House of Shadows the new Midnight Mission.


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Moon Knight’s appeal to the House of Shadows, as two unwanted, lost beings looking for purpose, created a special bond between the two, giving Marc exceptional power within its walls. During a battle with the assassin Rutherford Winner inside the Mission, Spector tells the building to “shake things up.” In response, the House dropped the floor out from under them, sending Winner into a freefall to give Moon Knight the upper hand.

While the new Midnight Mission is reminiscent of another mystical pocket of space found in the MCU, Doctor Strange’s beloved Mirror Dimension, one key difference makes Moon Knight’s space much more powerful. While Strange has certainly developed a mastery of the Mirror Dimension’s mysterious machinations, he does not actually control it; Spider-Man: No Way Home proves just that when Peter is able to use geometry to trap Strange in the altered reality for a majority of the movie. Marc, on the other hand, has full control. With the House of Shadows working in full tandem with Moon Knight, it responds willfully to his commands, and will likely reject anyone else’s attempts.

Both places highlight the powers and strengths of their respective dwellers, but Moon Knight’s new Mission headquarters is just plain better, by comparison. It’s a huge boost for any superhero to have a place where they are fully in control, and while Strange definitely has the upper-hand in the Mirror Dimension, he still isn’t fully in control. Marc, though, can change the Midnight Mission with a simple voice command, giving him a pretty dramatic edge against any foe he fights within its walls, with no fear that its pliable nature could backfire on him.

Marc Spector has proven to be more focused and devoted to a cause than ever in recent months, and his newfound partnership with The House of Shadows will only aid him more in his mission to protect people who dwell in the night. As Moon Knight continues to define himself outside the shadow of Khonshu, a weapon that rivals even Doctor Strange’s greatest MCU battlefield is sure to come in handy.

Moon Knight # 10 is now on sale from Marvel Comics.

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