No Way Home VFX Supervisor Reveals Surprising Detail About Matt Murdock Scene

It’s no secret that Marvel movies have A LOT of visual effects shots. Sometimes things that do not even seem like they would need to be VFX shots become them, like the all CG costumes seen in Avengers: Endgame. Speaking in a new interview on the Corridor Crew’s latest “VFX Artists React” video series, Spider-Man: No Way Home VFX supervisor Kelly Port (whose other Marvel credits include Thor, Avengers: Infinity Warand Avengers: Endgame) revealed one major element from the movie that was actually changed using visual effects, and you probably can not even guess what it is (Hint: Something in the Matt Murdock scene was not what it looks like originally).

In the video they show the scene when a brick flies through Peter an May’s window, caught by the blind lawyer in a move that signals the return of Daredevil to the MCU. A pivotal moment for MCU fans, and one that adds fuel to the fire of the public’s perception of Peter, but in reality the brick was never a brick. It was something that almost makes no sense at all? “With Murdock here and catching the brick that was like originally not a brick. It was a snow globe,” Port revealed. “That’s one of those creative decisions that came after the fact … He’s actually grabbing a snow globe … you can see it’s more of a sphere shape … But you can tell kind of by the shape of his palm that he’s actually grabbing something more spherical. ” Check out screenshots below and see it for yourself in action in the player starting at the 5:00 mark.

Charlie Cox is set to return once again as Daredevil in the MCU but when and where remains to be confirmed, though rumors swirl of appearances in some upcoming Disney + TV shows. Speaking in a previous interview with ComicBook.Com, Cox outlined some of the elements from Daredevil’s source material that he eager to see expanded on in the MCU.

“I really like the Black Widow, the Daredevil / Black Widow stuff. That relationship is really funny to me, I do not know why. I find it really funny and sexy at the same time,” Cox said. “Other than that, it’s difficult. The obvious one is Spider-Man, isn’t it? That is the one, I would have to get more time with Bullseye. We just touched on that story, and we were just gearing up for it before we were not allowed to continue. I really enjoyed working with Wilson Bethel on that character. There are so many, but I think the obvious one is, it would be really cool to get some Daredevil / Spider-Man stuff, more stuff. ”

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available on 4K, blu-ray, DVD, and Digital-HD.

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